Iberdrola Mexico joins Pride Connection to boost LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace

Iberdrola Mexico signed a decalogue with the organisation Pride Connection to promote the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the workplace and to eradicate discrimination in the workplace, in an initiative in collaboration with the Council to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination of Mexico City (COPRED).

"With this union we underpin our commitment to LGBT+ people and allies and link with experts in human rights for the creation of community-focused policies to attract the best talent," said Iberdrola Mexico's Director of Planning and Sustainability, Katya Somohano, during an event at COPRED's headquarters in the country's capital.

The decalogue of commitments includes, among other points, the promotion and respect for human rights and the creation of safe spaces for the LGBT+ community; the implementation of awareness-raising, education and training workshops; support for leaders and affinity groups; the approach to public bodies or the establishment of mechanisms to receive complaints or petitions.

The measures also include the promotion of the recruitment of LGBT+ talent; the establishment of indicators to measure continuous improvement in labour inclusion issues or the design, support and participation in at least three activities to promote the human rights of the community, among other points.

In addition to Iberdrola Mexico, some twenty Pride Connection allied companies such as Jugos del Valle, Smurfit Kappa Mexico, Havas, DuPont, Manpower, Honeywell, ECOLAB, Zurich Mexico and Organon, among others, signed this Decalogue.

"This signing of commitments by major companies makes visible the willingness of companies from many different sectors to be inclusive, aware that diverse talent is key to generating value," said Alberto Arriaga, CEO of Pride Connection, a network of more than 300 companies working to develop safe and discrimination-free work environments for the LGBT+ community.


Iberdrola Mexico has been promoting an ambitious diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programme since 2022, with the aim of promoting a fairer society and workplace that promotes inclusive talent and the well-being of the entire workforce.

After complying with an initial set of commitments in this area, last July the energy company announced new goals for 2025, including the development of an accessibility and inclusion plan for people with disabilities, the incorporation of recruitment procedures with a diversity perspective and the implementation of a diagnosis of pay equity.  

In addition, the new decalogue foresees the creation of three affinity groups and the design of a skills development programme for female employees and the implementation of spaces 100% free of violence and discrimination.