Iberdrola's initiative 'Women, Health and Sport' has allowed us to be at the forefront speaking of promoting women in sports. We sponsor different leagues, national teams, competitions... We love sports! Does it show?

  • At 14 years of age, she is the only girl in the Spanish Boxing Federation of Schoolboys and Schoolgirls Boxing technique development program, and the only child training with the national team. After a break for personal reasons — she started at the age of five — Laura says that boxing has made her stronger. Her greatest ambition: the Olympic Games 2024.

  • Helen Roca and María Ribera, Maribí, fell in love with rugby at university. Now, they are both coaches in the División de Honor Femenina (the top Spanish league competition for women) and faced each other at the Liga Iberdrola final in 2019. As players, María has got an Olympic diploma and Helen played in three world championships. But neither can earn a living from sport and they have to combine their passion with other jobs.

    Sara Hurtado was one half of the first pair to represent Spain in ice skating at the Olympic Games. In 2018, she won a silver medal at the Rostelecom Cup Grand Prix event with her partner, Kirill Khaliavin, something that until then only Javier Fernández had achieved for our country. The seven-time Spanish champion has always had to live abroad due to the lack of coaches in her own country. Although she laments still not being able to make a living from skating, her efforts are made worthwhile by the fact that she is able to follow her dream.

  • Canoeist Teresa Portela has been world champion twice and European champion seven times. She almost gave up her sports career when she decided to become a mother after the London Olympics. Today she is just a step away from becoming the woman with most Olympic Games under her belt.

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    Carlos Agulló is the epitome of film and spirit, of putting the two into a cocktail shaker and pouring out memorable stories. A good example of this is his latest documentary (More than Silver), which is based on the week spent in India by the Spanish rhythmic gymnastics Olympic runners-up.