Iberdrola's initiative 'Women, Health and Sport' has allowed us to be at the forefront speaking of promoting women in sports. We sponsor different leagues, national teams, competitions... We love sports! Does it show?

  • You don't have to be a super-heroine or an exceedingly talented athlete to do a triathlon; all you need is the right training and a desire to better yourself. It is a discipline in which men and women compete on equal terms, which explains the boom in women's triathlon.

  • Off-road running: what you need to know

    Expand your horizons and have a go at trail running, mountain runs where the main challenges to overcome are the unevenness, rough terrain and ever-changing weather conditions.

    Iberdrola is the main sponsor of the Women, Health and Sport Tour, a tour of various Spanish cities designed to make society more aware of the role of women as an active and fundamental part of sports in our country.

  • As summer draws to a close, Spain's sportswomen can take pride in the success they have achieved at this season's championships — setting new records and winning new medals. Let's take a look at some of highlights.

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    We enter the mind of high performance athletes to discover the secret of their strength and what makes them different from the rest. How can they achieve a top performance in the hardest moments?