Iberdrola's initiative 'Women, Health and Sport' has allowed us to be at the forefront speaking of promoting women in sports. We sponsor different leagues, national teams, competitions... We love sports! Does it show?

  • Silvia Navarro has made a living playing handball since she was 16 years old. Alba López has been playing since she was seven. They are both goalies. But Silvia has managed to make handball her profession, something to which Alba aspires. Pushing your limits, willpower, concentration, effort and teamwork are the keys.

  • If there's one word that sums up Silvia Navarro's story, its achievement. She's just turned 40, and is still juggling being goalkeeper for her team every weekend and she intends to keep on winning titles.

    Effort, dedication, confidence, perseverance. Our sportswomen compete both in and away from sports to gain visibility and equality and are an example to be followed by thousands of young girls. This is why Iberdrola has launched the initiative Future Is in You, in which the ambassadors of the Women's Universe program, which is sponsored by the National Sports Council and promoted by Iberdrola, share a one-day training session with a younger sportswoman from that discipline. Will you join us?

  • Garazi Sánchez is one of the biggest names in Spanish sport right now. The Basque surfer is a two-time Spanish champion and runner-up in European Championships and has her sights set on the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. Even though she does not consider herself a role model, as a result of her success many girls no longer see surfing as a men's sport and this has given them the courage to give it a go.

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    The midfielder is one of the leading players of the Liga Iberdrola women's football league. For the second year running, the team was on the verge of winning the double. The aim for the coming year: to continue striving in search of excellence.