Renewables are already available, they are crucial for decarbonisation and to improve energy efficiency

Energy efficiency Energy storage

Electricity is the most decarbonised energy vector due to its ability to integrate renewable energy sources, and the one that, more than any other, allows for a real increase in energy efficiency.

decarbonisation of the electricity sector

Renewable facilities do not emit CO2 or other polluting emissions, do not generate waste, they are currently competitive and their cost is expected to continue falling. To make this possible, it is necessary to:

1. PROMOTE RENEWABLE ENERGY, and encourage competitive mechanisms.

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2. DEVELOP AND DIGITALISE THE NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE, to integrate clean generation, with a stable and predictable regulatory framework that creates suitable environment for investment.

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3. ESTABLISH CAPACITY MECHANISMS that ensure the necessary firmness and flexibility of the system in a sustainable manner. Attracting investment to ensure the transition to a decarbonised economy.

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4. ENCOURAGE EFFICIENT STORAGE WITH THE TECHNOLOGIES ALREADY AVAILABLE, to facilitate the management of the high penetration of renewable energy by 2030.

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