How to take part in the contracting process

With the aim of creating value for the company's various stakeholder groups, and particularly for the internal customer, shareholders and suppliers, the Purchasing Division assumes and promotes rigorous compliance with the contractual terms and the current regulations by its suppliers.

Find out here the contracting terms for participating any of the Iberdrola Group's contracting processes.

Terms of purchase 

The Iberdrola Group's terms of purchase are the general documents that govern the relationships between the companies in the Iberdrola Group and its suppliers, and are normally included in the contract document.

Iberdrola Group's terms for contracting goods and materials:

Iberdrola Group's terms for contracting works and services:

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In order to reinforce the quality of the whole supply process, and to confirm that the supplier is a stable and reliable partner capable of guaranteeing compliance with its commitments, we need to make sure that the supply is made in compliance with the quality standards required by the Iberdrola Group. Therefore certain critical and/or strategic products that are regulated under a NI standard (Iberdrola's own standard) must undergo a process of technical qualification.


Contracting terms: Production centre assessment and product service technical assessment

The qualification granted will remain in force throughout the effective term of the registration conditions established and required at the time of qualification in Go Supply, Certification for Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001), Environmental Management (ISO 14001), Health and Safety Management in the Workplace (OHSAS 18001) and Product Approval.

Iberdrola reserves the right to make a new re-qualification or to cancel the existing qualification in response to events or changes in its needs that so require.

Throughout the period of validity of the qualification, the Supplier undertakes to maintain and/or improve the systems, processes and conditions established at the time of the qualification.


Business activity coordination scheme 

In addition to the contractual specifications about occupational health and safety coordination between the companies in the Iberdrola Group in Spain that are signatories of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement and its contracting companies, these companies must provide the contracting companies with the SIROCO computer resource, in order to manage the corresponding documentation of compliance in this matter (for more information, contact your manager or interlocutor of the contract).


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