The respect for the environment, flora and fauna or the defense of the nature are essential in fighting climate change. Iberdrola group promotes the biodiversity in ecosystems by supporting the cultural heritage development, apart from encouraging cultural and social awareness in this regard.

  • According to Greenpeace, our oceans receive 200 kilos of rubbish a second and have floating islands of plastic with an area four times that of California. This situation, which is so harmful to the health of our planet, has inspired four ingenious initiatives for cleaning up the oceans. Read about them here; they'll definitely surprise you!

  • Through their cameras, they beckon us to protect and care for our planet and all living things that inhabit it. Discover the power of their work through the experiences of some of the most prominent exponents of this photographic form.

    Global warming is causing glaciers and ice sheets to melt. The average sea level has risen 3.2 mm/year since 1993. This is catastrophic for islands and coastal regions. Especially in places like Kiribati, an idyllic Pacific atoll nation that seems destined to become the first victim of climate change.

  • Ecovillages are small, self-sufficient communities that live from and for their natural surroundings. There are more than 10,000 ecovillages in the world, mainly in rural areas where their inhabitants build societies based on cooperation, self-sufficiency, renewable energies and ecological materials. Find out how they work...

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    The oceans and forests are responsible for making our planet habitable. However, 40% of the world's oceans are severely affected by our activity and each year 13 million hectares are deforested. Respect for the biodiversity of all ecosystems is essential for our own survival.