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The next General Shareholders’ Meeting is scheduled to be held at the Company’s registered office (Plaza Euskadi, 5, Bilbao) on Friday 28 April 2023, at 11:00 a.m. (first call), with shareholders and proxy representatives being able to participate remotely.

Shareholders and their proxy representatives can attend the Meeting through the Participation Portal, as well as grant a proxy or cast a vote prior to the Meeting.




If you are an individual shareholder, you can authenticate yourself with your OLS – Shareholders’ Club password and total number of shares (both as owner and co-owner), using either a recognised electronic certificate issued by the Royal Spanish Mint (FNMT), or your DNIe. 

Furthermore, shareholders who are members of the OLS – Shareholders’ Club, or whose shares are held at deposited with entities that provide Iberdrola with the e-mail address of their customers, may also authenticate themselves by entering the QR code included in the proxy and absentee voting card that Iberdrola will send them by e-mail. See demo video.

Shareholders who are legal persons must authenticate themselves with a recognised electronic signature issued by the Royal Spanish Mint. Representatives of legal entities without a recognised electronic signature may grant a proxy or cast an absentee vote through the Participation Portal by submitting an image of the proxy and absentee voting card and by accrediting their authority to attend the General Meeting by submitting a scanned copy of the card and their power of attorney.

If you are a proxy representative, please log into the Participation Portal and send us a scanned copy of the card signed by the shareholder you are representing so that we can verify that they have granted you their proxy. Once verified, we will give you a proxy code that you can then use to authenticate yourself.



 Proof of participation

All shareholders taking part in the General Meeting (by granting a proxy, casting an absentee vote or attending) can download a receipt to confirm that their shares or voting instructions have been properly recorded. You can make this request from the date on which your participation in the General Meeting is recorded in the Company’s systems until one month after the meeting is held.

In addition, if you take part through the Participation Portal, your proxy or electronic vote will be securely recorded and verifiable through blockchain technology, which ensures the traceability and immutability of the data recorded. Each vote and electronic proxy is immutably stored and encrypted on the blockchain network, thus ensuring its confidentiality.  See more about blockchain at the 2023 Meeting.

Proxies and absentee votes will be counted subject to verification by the Company of the number of shares registered in the holder’s name five days prior to the General Meeting.

 Download cards

If you have not received your card, or have lost it, we offer you other alternatives to participate in the General Meeting. If you prefer, you can also download a card from the Participation Portal.

Cards issued through this website will reflect the shares registered in the name of the applicant in accordance with information available to the Company on the date of the request. Therefore, the information shown on this card may not coincide with the information shown on the cards issued by the depositaries.

Proxies and absentee votes will be counted subject to verification by the Company of the number of shares registered in the holder’s name five days prior to the General Meeting.



 By telephone (only natural people)

You can call the Shareholder’s Office on the free phone (900 100 019) and authenticate yourself by providing your ID card and the total number of shares (which you hold as owner and co-owner) or the password indicated next to the QR of the proxy and absentee voting card issued by Iberdrola.

By sending your proxy and absentee voting card

You may also grant a proxy or cast a vote by sending us (choose an option):

  • An image of the signed card by WhatsApp (+34 639 000 639), by Telegram (Junta Iberdrola) or by e-mail (Junta2023@iberdrola.es).
  • The signed card by post (apartado de correos 1.113, 48080 Bilbao) or through your depositary. 

 Through the shareholder information desks

If you prefer to grant a proxy or vote at our locations, you can take your ID card (you do not need to bring your voting card) to the shareholder information desks. Read more about shareholder information desks.




Prize draw for twenty electric bikes

Shareholders who grant a proxy or vote via the Participation Portal or the telephone channel and meet the relevant requirements may enter into the draw. Read more about the e-bike draw.

The image shows a composition of the 20 electric bicycles to be raffled among the participants in the General Meeting of Shareholders.
Electric bicycle raffled among the participants of the General Shareholders' Meeting.

Commemorative gift

A cooler bag will be given as a gift to shareholders who grant a proxy or cast an absentee vote at the information desks or who go there with their ID cards after having granted a proxy or cast a vote via the Participation Portal or the telephone channel. ​​​​​Read more about the gift.

Photo of the commemorative gift, a cooler bag made from the recycled plastic of 7 used 500 ml PET bottles.
Commemorative gift that shareholders who participate in the General Shareholders' Meeting will receive through the shareholder information desks.

Engagement dividend

Shareholders will receive 0.005 euros gross per share in the event that this Meeting approves said incentive and agrees on its payment, which will be subject to the quorum for the Meeting reaching 70 % of the share capital and the approval of item 7 on the agenda. Read more about the "Participation dividend" campaign.