Terms and Conditions of Use for OLA - Shareholder's Club

Without prejudice to the provisions of the legal notice for www.iberdrola.com regarding the general terms and conditions for access to and use of the website, registration as a user of OLA - Shareholder's Club for Iberdrola, S.A. (hereinafter "Iberdrola" or "Company"), implies acceptance of the specific terms and conditions of use detailed below.

Terms and conditions of use for the communications service

The user of OLA - Shareholder's Club guarantees the accuracy and veracity of the data provided on the registration form and undertakes to keep them updated at all times.

Iberdrola will be exempt from any responsibility for sending communications via SMS, email and postal mail to the addresses you have provided on the OLA - Shareholder's Club registration form.

Iberdrola will take no responsibility for the user correctly receiving any SMS, email or letter, nor can it guarantee the time and date of receipt, given that the service will be rendered via third parties and it will not be possible to verify that the conditions needed for correct receipt of the SMS, emails or letters apply when they are sent.

Iberdrola may temporarily suspend the provision of this service due to technical or security reasons and will not be held liable for any damages this may cause the OLA - Shareholder's Club user.

You can unsubscribe from the communications service at any time, entering OLA - Shareholder's Club with your username and password and modifying your preferences, as well as through the link enabled for this purpose in the communications you receive.

Terms and conditions of use for electronic voting

The user is solely responsible for making diligent use of their user name and password to access OLA - Shareholders' Club for electronic voting at the General Shareholders' Meeting, as well as duly safeguarding them. The company will not be responsible for any damages that may be caused to you derived from a fraudulent use of the username and password.

You must immediately notify the company through the Shareholder's Office (postal address: Plaza Euskadi 5, 48009 Bilbao, and email address accionistas@iberdrola.com External link, opens in new window.) of any fact or circumstance that may lead to a misuse of your username and password (such as robbery, theft, loss, or unauthorised access to the data contained therein) in order that the Company may proceed to cancel them.

In the event that the company detects fraudulent use of the username and password, it reserves the right to take all legal action available in law in defence of its interests and those of its shareholders.