Iberdrola Retribución Flexible

Iberdrola maintains its commitment to its shareholders

In this section you can find all the information related to the optional dividend system "Iberdrola Retribución Flexible"

¿Qué es?

What is it?

Find out everything you need to know about the "Iberdrola Retribución Flexible" programme, a system that offers three remuneration options to our shareholders.



Check the dates of the "Iberdrola Retribución Flexible" program to choose the method of payment of dividends and carry it out.

Preguntas frecuentes

Questions & Answers

Solve doubts about the program: What is its purpose? What do I have to do to receive my compensation in cash? And in stocks? How many rights will I receive?



Access all the documentation necessary for the "Iberdrola Retribución Flexible" program and arranged chronologically.


Tax treatment

Review the main tax implications related to the program based on the tax legislation and on the interpretation given by the Spanish General Tax Authority.

Previous dividends

Previous dividends

Consult, sorted by year, the history of the dividends charged to the corresponding fiscal years that our company has paid out.