Respect for the environment, a differentiating value

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The Iberdrola group is fully committed to eco-efficiency thanks to its sustainable use of natural resources, efficiency in the production and use of energy, emissions reductions, protection of biodiversity and waste and water management.

Respect for the environment is one of our values.
Respect for the environment is one of our values.

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The business model defined by the Iberdrola group aims to supply reliable, high quality and environmentally friendly electricity through a long-term sustainable industrial project.

Iberdrola is facing the immediate future in a scenario characterised by sharp growth in the global demand for energy from efficient, clean sources to cut global emissions and combat climate change. To this end, it has reinforced its commitment to sustainability, consolidating itself as one of the European electricity companies most committed to the environment.

Respect for the environment is one of our values and its stewardship is embodied through the corporate policies of sustainable development. Iberdrola received the Spanish version of the 2018 European Business Award for the Environment organised by the European Commission, and presented by His Majesty the King of Spain. The company was honoured with this prize for its innovative environmental management system, which includes the calculation of its Corporate Environmental Footprint and incorporates the Sustainable Development Goals.

Committed to environment

Environmental management

The Iberdrola group has a leading environmental management system for all the companies in the group, which allows the  environmental dimension to be aligned with its sustainability model and the Sustainable Development Goals. This system facilitates the development of a permanent, global and homogeneous diagnosis of the company's environmental performance across all management levels.

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Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Report

AENOR performs the Iberdrola's inventory of greenhouse gas emissions as per standard ISO 14064-1:2018 as regards direct and indirect emissions from all of its activities.

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Intensity emissions

The Iberdrola group has a CO2 intensity emissions that stands out as among the lowest generated by utilities.

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The Iberdrola group is committed to encouraging ecosystem biodiversity by establishing new and sustainable projects in a way that fosters harmonious coexistence and conserves, protects and promotes the development and growth of our natural wealth.

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Water use

Committed as it is to respecting natural resources, the Iberdrola group exhaustively monitors use and specific examples of water consumption, seeking to optimise its production processes by using recycled water and reusing water across its production cycles, etc.

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Management and nuclear performance indicators

As a part of its commitment to transparency towards its Stakeholders, Iberdrola is including additional information with respect to its nuclear portfolio.

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Energy efficiency

The Iberdrola group seeks to optimise energy consumption throughout the energy chain including in production, transport, distribution, and final use.

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