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  • How often do you get a new mobile phone? And how about a computer? Or a TV? The chances are you have been 'upgrading' more frequently in recent years due, to a great extent, to the phenomenon of planned obsolescence. This phenomenon means that not only do technological gadgets stop working after a certain time but they are also considered obsolete when a better version is produced, or they simply become unfashionable. The result of this is that the amount of electronic waste is growing constantly and threatening the environment.

  • In an increasingly digital world, the line between the real and the virtual is becoming increasingly blurred. And it will become even more blurred if the metaverse becomes a reality. The goal of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and other major technology leaders is to create a virtual network through which people can interact and carry out activities online, from shopping to going to a concert or playing a video game, so that the network becomes another stage in our lives.

    During 2020 the number of extreme weather events multiplied and according to the UN, by way of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), humankind is one of the principal culprits. However, specifically speaking, to what type of phenomena are we referring? From heatwaves that dry out the ground and accentuate wildfires to hurricanes and droughts, among others, which we shall deal with below.

  • The semiconductor crisis, which can briefly be described as a scarcity of chips, has caused an upheaval in numerous sectors of the economy — from consumer electronics to the automotive industry and domestic appliances —, to the point that large companies have had no option but to cease production. The best way to gain a better understanding of what has happened and why is to know exactly what semiconductors are and how they are made.

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    Chillida Leku is hosting the exhibition Tàpies in Zabalaga, sponsored by the Iberdrola Foundation, until 10th January. An exhibition in which the work of the Catalan artist engages in a dialogue with that of Chillida, with whom, in addition to being good friends, he was united by the desire to transcend matter as a path towards spirituality and a humanist approach with which he underlined the transforming capacity of art. Mireia Massagué, director of Chillida Leku, invites us to enjoy the bond between two unique and inimitable artists at the Zabalaga farmhouse.