We contribute to progress in society, that is the reason why we go all in with the promotion of initiatives, subventions and solidary programs that encourage equity, education and development.

  • The unstoppable growth of technology has transformed our habits and behaviour and created unprecedented dilemmas which could put our future as a digital society at risk. The solution? A new set of ethics based on the source of this change: the internet.

  • Psychologists, psychiatrists and experts from Silicon Valley are warning that social networks use can be addictive and its consequences the same as those of any other addiction: anxiety, dependence, irritability, lack of self-control, etc. Faced by this prospect, people are increasingly asking: are social networks a real problem?

    We are what we eat and maintaining a sustainable diet reinforces our commitment to the environment. This type of healthy diet is rich in vegetables, encourages the consumption of local products, generates less waste and limits the consumption of meat and fish to protect biodiversity.

  • Social norms, prejudices and expectations limit women's interests and determine their life choices from the earliest stages. Only 35% of women choose science-related degrees. Is there a solution? For many experts, the answer lies in promoting STEM education.

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    Daniel Canogar's work captures the public's imagination and stimulates reflection. Because, as he says, “we are distracted all the time”. The raw materials for his art are our everyday experiences with technology, from information overload to obsolescence.