Transparent business ethics and management principles

As suppliers are considered to be our strategic stakeholders, the Iberdrola has established a series of specific action principles for their area of activity, in all cases in line with the Group's principles and values, which are set forth in this Supplier's code of ethics [PDF], which must be accepted by the Group's suppliers and which are attached to all contracts. In the following brochure [PDF] you will find a simple summary of the essence of the Supplier Code of Ethics.


Ethics and transparency are some of the guiding principles of the Iberdrola Group. We promote both values in our relationships with our suppliers and in the suppliers' own dealings with their business partners. To this end, we have set up the suppliers' ethical mailboxes. These mailboxes are channels for exclusive use by suppliers of the Iberdrola Group, the companies contracted by them to provide services or furnish supplies to companies in the Iberdrola Group, their respective employees, and by the companies that have taken part in a tender for the provision of services or supplies.

Suppliers can use these mailboxes for the following purposes:

  • To notify non-compliance with the corporate governance system by any employee in the Iberdrola Group or any illegal act or perpetration by a supplier, by any of its subcontractors or by their respective employees, of any act in violation of the law or the Supplier Code of Ethics within the framework of its business relationship with the companies in the Iberdrola Group.
  • To make queries or suggestions regarding the Supplier code of ethics.