Iberdrola, a Benchmark stock

Iberdrola shares are listed on all four Spanish stock markets and are traded through the electronic continuous market (Spanish Stock Exchange). The company is also listed on the New York market in the form of ADR (American Depositary Receipt) and on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) as Avangrid.

Furthermore, it is part of over 65 internationals indices such as the Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50, made up of the fifty largest and most liquid stocks in the euro zone, or the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which brings together companies with the best sustainability profile. 

You will find the following information in this section: stock market information and the share performance history of the company.


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Iberdrola is one of only ten companies that have been included in the IBEX-35 index since it was created on 14 January 1992.

The General Shareholders' Meeting held on 29 March 2019 approved the resolution in relation to shareholder remuneration for the 2018 financial year, to be paid out in 2019 (point 7 on the agenda). The 99.77% vote in favour of this resolution reflects the trust in the group's structural robustness. The minimum total remuneration for shareholders was set at EUR 0.351 gross per share. A gross dividend of EUR 0.151 per share was distributed in January 2019 and the remaining EUR 0.20 gross per share was paid out in July.

The sum will be paid through the Iberdrola Flexible Remuneration system, which allows shareholders to choose between the following dividend options (or combining more than one, with the equivalent remuneration).


Iberdrola is listed in New York through American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), which are US negotiable instruments representing the title to a company constituted outside the US.


Iberdrola was listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on 17 December 2015 under the name Avangrid, with the ticker AGR. At year-end 2018, Avangrid reported net income of USD 684 million, or USD 2.21 per share.


Iberdrola listed on the São Paulo stock exchange on 1 July 2019, through its Brazilian subsidiary Neoenergia. This operation was the largest offering of its type — initial public offering (IPO) — in 2019, and the most significant in the Brazilian energy sector since 2000.

With market capitalisation of around BRL 19 billion, Neoenergia is the leading private electricity company involved in grid activity that is listed on Brazil's Novo Mercado. The initial public offering was for BRL 3,255.89 million, involving the sale of 208,044,383 shares in Neoenergia, representing 17.139% of its equity. The final price was set at BRL 15.65 per share.

Following this successful offering, Iberdrola remains the largest shareholder in Neoenergia, with a stake of 50% plus one share.

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