[1.2] Company performance

Revenues (€M)


Net Profit (€M)

Total installed capacity (MW)1,3

Total net output (GWh)1,3

Distributed energy (GWh)2

Assets (€M)


Consumers (millions)4

(1) Takes into account 100% of Neoenergia since 2016 in order to improve the comparability of the data.
(2) Takes into account 100% of Neoenergia during all periods reported.
(3) All data for Production and Installed Capacity include the power stations in which Iberdrola has a stake, based on its percentage interest.
(4) Consumers: for electric power, total number of customers is used where there are areas of electricity distribution and retailing, supply points are used for the other areas. For gas: total number of gas customers is used, except for the United States, where total number of supply points is used.

Own emission-free installed capacity (%)

Own specific CO2 emissions (t / GWh)

Water use / overall production (m3 / GWh)

Gender diversity (% women on workforce)

Injury rate1

Hours of training per employee trained2

(1) Injury rate: (number of accidents with leave*1,000,000) / hours worked.
(2) The exceptional situation caused by COVID-19 has significantly reduced face-to-face training. Thanks to a tremendous effort, a large part of training activity has been adapted for delivery by remote means, which has led to a considerable increase in the proportion of on-line training hours.