[2.7] Iberdrola and COVID-19

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has battered social and economic fabrics around the world.

The Iberdrola group reacted immediately to ensure the continuity and quality of the electricity supply from its operations, and the safety and health of its workforce, customers and providers.

It launched a global action plan with a broad approach, demonstrating its commitment to all its Stakeholders, implementing initiatives in its capacity as an electricity operator, but also as a corporate citizen.

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Quality of service

  • Continuous reporting to its workforce about the status of the pandemic and the measures taken.
  • Work-life balance and remote work measures.
  • Distribution of masks and personal protection equipment.
  • Etc.
  • Communication actions (payment arrangements, etc.).
  • Payment arrangements for electricity and gas bills.
  • Strengthening of digital and telephone customer service channels.
  • Etc.
  • Energy management plan to ensure energy supplies.
  • Installation of back-up operation centres.
  • Reinforcement of energy service at over 350 healthcare centres.
  • Etc.

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Suppliers and subcontractors

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Society in general

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Donation of healthcare materials

  • Continuation of activity and payments to providers.
  • Iberdrola has advanced orders in the amount of 7,000 million euros and increased its investments in 2020 to 10,000 million euros.
  • Meetings with suppliers and subcontractors to confirm the that business activities will be maintained.
  • Etc.
  • Volunteer activities: Countless activities by our volunteers, like making masks, keeping company with the elderly by telephone, and donation of tablets so that hospital patients can stay connected.
  • Innovative actions, such as the promotion of the The day after will be... platform in partnership with the United Nations.
  • Social media campaigns.
  • Donation of healthcare materials valued at 30 million euros: 400 ventilators, 4.6 million masks, 120,000 PPE gowns and 20,000 pairs of protectives goggles.
  • Special customer service plan for hospitals. Increase in requests for generators.
  • Donation of 8,000 blankets for field hospitals and care homes.
  • Etc.

The company’s global action plan included over 150 measures to ensure supply in all territories and to all its customers, as well as reinforcing the service for hospitals, health centres and other essential infrastructure.