Integrated Report
/ February 2019

Ignacio S. Galán
Ignacio S. Galán
Chairman & CEO of Iberdrola

Letter from the Chairman & CEO

"Iberdrola is widely recognised for its responsible and sustainable business model, focused on the well-being of people, care for the environment and economic and social development in the territories in which it does business".

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Presence by Areas of Activity

Presence by Areas of Activity map

Social dividend as an increase in the value of capital

The social dividend created by the business strategy and model of Iberdrola translates into an increase in the value of its capital, which in turn feeds back into a cycle of value creation, thus efficiently inter-relating the operations of the businesses and the capital of the company.

Social dividend as an increase in the value of capitalFinancial CapitalManufactured Capital Intellectual CapitalHuman CapitalNatural CapitalSocial and Relationship CapitalCorporate Governance ModelIberdrola, a Different CompanyIberdrola, a Different CompanyNetworksRenewablesWholesale and Retail

Our Purpose is:

To continue building together each day a healthier, more accessible energy model, based on electricity

Based on our Values:

Sustainable energy
Integrating force
Driving force