[4.4] Human Capital

  Management approach Principal activities 2018 Outlook
Global human resources management
  • Achieve the goals of competitiveness and business efficiency in a climate of social peace, fostering stable, high-quality employment.
  • Harmonise human resources processes and make inroads with implementing the Iberdrola culture in all countries, respecting specific local conditions.
  • Management of an appropriate labour relations framework that can be adapted to suit business and social requirements
  • Homogenise the variable remuneration, selection and on-boarding process.
  • Implementation of new forms of collaborative communication.
  • Comparte (Sharing) programme to engage employees in the achievement of the goals and targets of the 2018-2022 Strategic Plan.
  • Consolidate the Human Resources function at Neoenergia, extending and unifying best practices.
  • Strengthen the commitment to Sustainable Development, fostering ethical and responsible behaviour.
  • Digitisation of Human Resources processes.
  • Encourage cultural exchange, reflecting on what should be the evolution of our values.
Goal of “accident reduction”
  • Prioritise the safety of individuals at the group's facilities and within its sphere of influence, fostering a progressive reduction in incident rates and improving health and safety conditions.
  • Replicate throughout the group the best practices identified in the area of occupational health and safety, fostering a culture of excellence in management and coordinating global preventive activities.
  • Attainment and/or maintenance of the OHSAS 18001 certification, and implementation of the global prevention system and standards in accordance with the group’s policy. Assessment of level of conformance to global standards.
  • Monitoring of proactive and reactive indicators among the group's companies.
  • Identification and application of best safety practices. Exchange of lessons learnt. Creation of groups to promote safe behaviour (GPGs).
  • Implement the Zero Accident Plan at Neoenergia to reduce the accident rate.
  • Continue with assessment of level of conformance to global standards and the implementation of improvement groups to promote safe behaviour, the management of documentation and data.
  • Complete OHSAS 18001 certification at group companies that are not yet certified.
  • Implement system for subcontractor pre-qualification and performance evaluation.
  • Engage in awareness-raising campaigns.
  • Improve the reporting system and global indicators at companies of the group.
Talent management
  • Drive staff qualifications, preparing employees to work in a multicultural environment and making continual efforts to improve their employability.
  • Develop alternatives to compensate for factors stemming from the ageing of the workforce.
  • Maintain a team of competent, committed and motivated professionals, which is key for the sustained success of the business.
  • Manage talent on an integrated basis in order to train future leaders, preparing them now to assume larger responsibilities.
  • Launch leadership development programme for team leaders in all countries.
  • Launch Climate Survey at the global level and define action plans.
  • Attract the best talent, strengthen excellence in our selection processes and improve our presence on social media and at leading universities.
  • Promote a culture of learning, self-development and improvement of the user experience in virtual training through the launch of the Learning Meeting Point and increase the offer of open courses.
  • Digitisation of selection and on-boarding processes.
  • Implementation of self-assessment and career recommendation tools.
  • New mobility portal.
  • Review and simplification of management and leadership skills model.
  • Consolidation of the plan for development of high-potential leaders in accordance with the 70-20-10 learning model.
  • Launch of skills development programmes for specialists (technical career).
  • Selection and implementation of global mentoring platform.
  • Alignment of High Potentials identification process with the remunerative cycle.
Diversity, equal opportunity and reconciliation
  • Guarantee a social model committed to professional excellence and the quality of life of our employees.
  • Develop labour relations based on equal opportunity, non-discrimination and respect for diversity.
  • Create a high-quality labour environment by committing to reconciliation.
  • Contribute to achieving the SDGs for the 2015-2030 horizon through the Corporate Volunteering Programme.
  • Inclusion of Iberdrola in the 2019 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index.
  • International cultural exchanges.
  • Corporate Volunteerism Activities to improve the quality of life and the integration of vulnerable groups, including International Volunteering Day, the INVOLVE international volunteering programme, the project for improving the electricity situation of refugee camps in Ethiopia, and the Lights and Action project, for which Iberdrola was awarded by the United Nations with the IMPACT 2030 Innovation Award.
  • Volunteer project regarding the fight against climate change in Spain, Mexico and Brazil.
  • Continue encouraging the launch of initiatives that contribute to improving gender diversity within the group.
  • Continue to foster improvements in the quality of people’s lives through social-welfare activities in all of the countries in which the group has a presence.
  • Promote the internationalisation of social programmes and strengthen ties among the employees of the company at the global level. Activate the global volunteer community to achieve the SDGs.

Ensure the availability of a committed, qualified workforce in a safe and stable environment

Growth and geographic diversification of the workforce

2006: 16,155 employees

2018: 34,078 employees

Social commitment

Diferentes momentos de las acciones de voluntariado corporativo de empleados en España, los Estados Unidos, Brasil, México y el Reino Unido

Various corporate volunteer activities by employees in Spain, the United States, Brazil, Mexico and the United Kingdom

Iberdrola committed to leadership

Energising Leadership Programme

2018 was the 10th anniversary of the Energising Leadership Programme, the goal of which is to strengthen the management and leadership skills of Iberdrola’s leaders in a global environment. Almost 300 leaders from all countries have passed through this programme.

Accident rate (2015-2018)1

(1) Neoenergia data has been 100% consolidated for all periods.