Term Definition  
ACGR Annual Compound Growth Rate. Comparative Results and Awards
ANEEL Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica. Networks
Manufactured Capital
BEIS Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (UK). Regulatory Environment
CEF Corporate Environmental Footprint. Natural Capital
CEL Clean Energy Certificates. Renovables
CEO Chief Executive Officer. Resultados comparados y reconocimientos
CFE Comisión Federal de Electricidad. Strategic Foundations for 2018-2022
CFO Chief Financial Officer. Comparative Results and Awards
COP21 Paris Climate Conference - UN Framework and Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The Future of Energy
Regulatory Environment
EBITDA Earnings Before Interests, Taxes, Depreciations and Amortizations. Letter from the Chairman & CEO/a>
Company Performance
Iberdrola, a Different Company
Strategic Foundations for 2018-2022
Comparative Results and Awards
Wholesale and Retail
Financial Capital
EPD Environmental Product Declaration. Capital natural
EU ETS European Union Emissions Trading System. Posicionamiento Regulatorio
FFO Funds from operations. Modelo de negocio
Bases estratégicas para el periodo 2018-2022
Capital financiero
GDP Gross Domestic Product. Letter from the Chairman & CEO
Presence by Areas of Activity
Business Model
Capital/Business Relationship
GHG Greenhouse Gas. Capital natural
ICFRS Internal Control Over Financial Reporting System. Three Lines of Defence
IEA International Energy Agency. The Future of Energy
IIRC International Integrated Reporting Council. Our Assets
About this Report
ITC Investment Tax Credit. Regulatory Environment
LBG London Benchmarking Group. Business Model
Social and Relationship Capital
NOE Net Operating Expenses. Networks
Financial Capital
NYSEG New York State Electric and Gas Corporation. Networks
Ofgem Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (UK). Regulatory Environment
Wholesale and Retail
Manufactured Capital
PPA Power Purchase Agreement. Risks
PTC Production Tax Credit. Regulatory Environment
RAB Regulated Asset Base. Networks
REV Reforming the Energy Vision. Manufactured Capital
RG&E Rochester Gas and Electric. Networks
RIIO-ED1 Revenue=Incentives + Innovation + +Outputs. Electricity Distribution 1. Networks
RIIO-T1 Revenue=Incentives + Innovation + +Outputs. Transmission 1. Networks
RIIO-T2 Revenue=Incentives + Innovation + + Outputs. Transmission. Networks
ROE Return on equity. Networks
SCG Southern Connecticut Gas. Networks
SDGs Sustainable Development Goals. Business Model
Social and Relationship Capital
TCFD Task Force for Climate Change Risk Financial Disclosure. Business Model
UI United Illuminating Networks