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Maranchón Wind Farm / Spain
Ignacio S. Galán
Ignacio S. Galán
Chairman & CEO of Iberdrola

Letter from the Chairman & CEO

"Iberdrola will continue to apply its business model based on its commitment to clean technology, the deployment of smart networks and the design of innovative products and solutions for its customers using the most advanced technology".

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Presence by Areas of Activity

Presence by Areas of Activity map

Capital/Business Relationship

The value created by the business strategy and model of Iberdrola translates into an increase in the value of its capital, which in turn feeds back into a cycle of value creation, thus efficiently interrelating the operations of the businesses and the capital of the company.

Capital/Business RelationshipFinancial CapitalSocial and Relationship CapitalManufactured CapitalNatural CapitalIntellectual CapitalHuman CapitalNetworksRenewablesWholesale and Retail

Fight against climate change and protection of biodiversity

Contribution to the well-being of our communities

Promotion of socially responsible practices in the supply chain

Occupational safety and development of people

Innovation and quality for our customers

Good governance, transparency and relationships with stakeholders

Sustainable economic growth


We create value sustainably for society, citizens, customers, employees, shareholders and other Stakeholders, and we are committed to a social dividend.


We want to be a global energy leader and create a better future for people, known for our commitment to ethical principles, safety, quality and the environment.


The twelve values inspire and guide the group’s strategy and all of its actions.