2.4 Management of Tangible and Intangible Assets

The Iberdrola group holds valuable assets for the development of its business model. The strategy defined by the company transforms these assets to create value for all its Stakeholders.

  What is it? Management approach Significant aspects
Financial capital Financial resources that the company already has or obtains through financing. Create value for shareholders through sustainable growth.
  • Balanced and diversified growth.
  • Sound financial structure.
  • Operational excellence.
  • Sustainable results and dividends.
Manufactured capital Tangible assets or goods used by the company to carry out its business activities. Offer a competitive supply of energy in a safe and reliable environment.
  • Power generation assets.
  • Power transmission and distribution assets.
  • Other assets.
Intellectual capital

Intangible, knowledge-based assets.

Consider innovation as a strategic element of the company.

  • Promotion of R&D&i.
  • Digitisation for efficiency and development of new products and services.
  • Disruptive technology and business models.
Human capital Employee knowledge, skills, experience and motivation. Guarantee the availability of a committed and qualified workforce. Offer an inclusive and balanced work environment.
  • Global human resources management
  • Goal of “accident reduction".
  • Talent management.
  • Diversity, equal opportunity and reconciliation.
Natural capital Natural resources affected by the company’s activities. Ensure a sustainable use of natural resources and contribute to combating climate change.
  • Environmental management.
  • Preservation of biodiversity.
  • Prevention of pollution.
  • Operating excellence and energy efficiency.
  • Waste management.
Social and relationship capital Ability to share, relate and collaborate with its Stakeholders, promoting community development and well-being. Promote relations of trust with Stakeholders, improving the quality of life of people in areas where the group has a presence.
  • Stakeholder Relations Model.
  • Community support and electricity access programmes.
  • Foundations of the Iberdrola group
  • Brand management.
  • Transparency and good governance.
  • Corporate reputation.