2.7 Capital/Business Relationship

The value created by the business strategy and model of Iberdrola translates into an increase in the value of its capital, which in turn feeds back into a cycle of value creation, thus efficiently inter-relating the operations of the businesses and the capital of the company.

The chart below shows its strategic focus for each Chapter and quantifies an aspiration or achievement of the company in this area.

This process creates shared value for both Iberdrola and for its Stakeholders, and constitutes a main vector for achieving the company’s goal to offer a reliable, highquality and environmentally-friendly energy supply.

Capital/Business RelationshipFinancial CapitalSocial and Relationship CapitalManufactured CapitalNatural CapitalIntellectual CapitalHuman CapitalNetworksRenewablesWholesale and Retail

(1) Data from a Study of Iberdrola’s Impact, prepared by PwC, based on 2016 figures. Includes indirect and induced impacts.