Iberdrola at COP 26


Iberdrola will plant more than 20 million trees to combat climate change

  • The plantation will absorb the equivalent of a car travelling 116 times around the Earth

Iberdrola played a leading role in a seminar on reforestation at the Glasgow summit by announcing that it will plant more than 20 million trees. The programme is one of the most important actions presented by a private company at this international forum.

This significant commitment, through the Trees Programme, will absorb more than six million tonnes of carbon over 30 years and will cover an area the size of 25,000 football fields. The CO2 sequestered by these trees will neutralise the equivalent emissions of a car circumnavigating the planet 116 times.

The Iberdrola Trees Programme is aligned with the United Nations 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 15). The initiative is part of Iberdrola's commitment to conserve ecosystems and biodiversity and to decarbonise to fight climate change.

Planting these trees will enable the company to balance emissions and sequestration by 2030. The company's pioneering action makes it a leader in global efforts to reverse the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In 2020 alone, the utility planted more than 786,000 trees and, in the last ten years, it has carried out mitigation and volunteering actions that have led to the planting of 4.12 million trees around the world.

Iberdrola is contributing to this goal in collaboration with innovative companies like CO2 Revolution, with its revolutionary reforestation system based on selective sowing with drones and smart seeds. The species planted are native trees and shrubs.

The company will continue to lead the march toward a sustainable economy and global decarbonisation. Massive investment in renewable energies, 120 billion since 2001, has made Iberdrola Europe's second-most-sustainable energy company and far and away the number one in Spain.

What's more, the launch of numerous 'green' projects keeps the company at the forefront of reforestation initiatives and carbon emissions reduction, while protecting ecosystems and helping to conserve biodiversity in its areas of influence.

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