Iberdrola increases investments by 37 % to €5 billion and posts adjusted net profit of €1.84 billion (+8.4 %) in the first six months

The group's good operating performance in the First Half 2021, our financial strength, the new green capacity installed (3,000 MW in the last 12 months), the rate cases and the growth in transmission thanks to higher investments, together with the expected improvements in the second half of the year — with the recovery of the wind resource and the normalisation of the retail business after the cold snaps and COVID-19 — reinforce our prospects of achieving a net profit of 3.7-3.8 billion euros at the close of the Fiscal Year 2021 and distributing a dividend of 0.44 euros/share for 2021. Furthermore, the unprecedented expansion of our business consolidates the group's growth and its socio-economic impact in the short, medium and long term.

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First Half 2021 Results Presentation. Outlook.



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Strong performance in H1 2021...

  • ~ 3,000 MW additional capacity installed y-o-y
  • Rate Cases and growth in transmission
  • Good operating performance
  • Maintaining Financial Strength

...and further upside expected in H2 2021...

  • New Rates in USA and Brazil
  • Additional capacity Recovering wind resources
  • Normalization of retail business after cold snaps and COVID

...allow us to reaffirm our net profit and dividend outlook for 2021

Ongoing creation of new growth platforms for the short, medium and long term

H1 2021: unprecedented expansion of our business and geographical footprint


Extracted from the Results Presentation First Half (PPT) / IBERDROLA.


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