“European policy is linked to the Green Deal, digitalization and re industrialization”

Iberdrola group chairman Ignacio Galán talked to television channel Telecinco about the Economic Recovery Package to be submitted to the European Parliament on 27 May. A new step forward that the executive considers “tremendously coherent” with the strategy followed by the Commission for some time now, which advocates for transforming our economy into something far more sustainable by investing in renewable energies, reducing the requirement to buy in energy from outside and creating jobs and technology along the way.

In Europe we have an amazing opportunity to transform our productive sector and make it more efficient, competitive and cleaner. That’s why the European Commission wants to steer resources in this direction

Galán also said that the COVID-19 crisis has shown that it is possible to “live without noise and pollution” and to improve quality of life in big cities”. He added that citizens are crying out for an electrification of transport and climate control systems to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The chairman of Iberdrola pointed out that the company intends to invest around 100 bn euros this year and has placed advance orders with suppliers worth 400 bn euros to stimulate the economy. “Our investments in clean energies and smarter, efficient networks will bring the cost of energy down”, he added.