The proposal submittal period will run until 28 June


The Fundación Iberdrola España is launching its 2022 Social Programme to aid the development and social inclusion of the most vulnerable groups

  • It is reiterating its commitment through initiatives that promote the development of these social groups by prioritising childhood, adolescence and support for women
  • In October, an evaluation committee will select around 30 projects to be implemented throughout 2022
  • Since its creation, the Social Programme has developed and implemented over 400 projects that have provided support to more than 400,000 people in vulnerable circumstances

The Fundación Iberdrola España announces its invitation to participate in its 2022 Social Programme, the aim of which is to assist in building a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable society committed to helping its most vulnerable members.

This latest programme invites social entities to submit proposals that contribute to reducing inequalities and help to promote future opportunities for those groups at risk of social exclusion, with special emphasis on childhood, adolescence and women. An evaluation committee set up by the Fundación Iberdrola España will select around 30 projects aligned with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and 2030 Agenda.

In this respect, the 2022 Social Programme is prioritising four lines of action specific to this invitation. The first of these concerns projects designed to address child poverty and social exclusion that support low-income households and cover the basic aspects of everyday life, as well as those that develop initiatives that promote education devised to mitigate the most harmful effects of inherited poverty.

The second line of action focuses on social inclusion projects aimed at helping disabled boys, girls and young people by supporting the vocational training centres they attend with the offer of a space in which they can develop their skills.

The third line involves health and well-being projects aimed at seriously ill vulnerable boys, girls and young people and their families, as well as initiatives designed to prevent and/or treat various types of addiction.

The fourth and final line of action centres on providing support to women who are or have been the victims of sexual harassment and domestic violence by seeking to foster their self-esteem and personal independence via a series of opportunities that, in turn, promote gender equality.

The entities wishing to apply have until 28 June to submit their proposals, with this being done via a form that can be found on the foundation's website, where the terms and conditions of the invitation can also be consulted.

The foundation plans to announcethe successful entities in October, and the projects will be implemented throughout 2022.

Over 441 projects have already been supported in collaboration with around one hundred social entities

Iberdrola, via the Social Programme of its Foundation in Spain, has allocated more than 11 million euros to social initiatives within the country and helped a total of 414,546 people. Ever since this Plan was first launched in 2010, the company has been the driving force behind more than 441 projects in collaboration with over one hundred social entities, thereby contributing to the fight against child poverty, tutoring and the social insertion of vulnerable children, young people and women. The Social Programme has enabled the creation of 1,630 jobs and the participation of 7,648 volunteers.

Another facet of the Fundación Iberdrola España's activities is its grants' programme in the fields of energy, biodiversity and the environment, and research, as well as in the area of culture, where it concentrates on the restoration and upkeep of the Iberian Peninsula's cultural and artistic heritage.