Its Social Programme has already allocated over 10 million euros to more than 400 social initiatives in the last decade


Fundación Iberdrola España will support 34 social projects dedicated to vulnerable people affected by the COVID-19 crisis

  • Children will receive the most benefit from the entity's call: more than 40% of the selected projects are aimed at combating child poverty and promoting inclusive education

Iberdrola, through its Foundation in Spain, will support a total of 34 social projects in the call for its 2021 Social Programme, dedicated to vulnerable people affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

In this edition, the Fundación Iberdrola España Social Programme has prioritised helping one of the most vulnerable groups during the pandemic: children. Therefore, 43% of the projects selected by the entity are aimed at fighting child poverty and promoting inclusive education. Another 23% is aimed at social and labour inclusion of people with disabilities and 17% is for the field of health and well-being. The call reinforces the foundation's commitment against inequality and gender violence, with 17% of the selected projects.  

The Social Programme has been allocated 1.2 million euros and the initiatives that will be developed with its support will impact an estimated 50,000 people in 2021, generating 230 direct jobs for professionals in the third sector.

The 34 projects of the Social Programme are aligned with the 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and follow the collaborative example proposed by the United Nations in its 17 SDGs, forging multi-stakeholder alliances between public and private institutions.

Promoting more than 400 projects in collaboration with one hundred social entities

Iberdrola, through its Foundation's Social Programme in Spain, has allocated more than 10 million euros to social initiatives in the country and helped a total of 375,000 people. Since the launch of this Plan in 2010, the company has promoted more than 400 projects in collaboration with more than one hundred social entities, contributing to the fight against child poverty, school support and social insertion of children, youth and women in a situation of vulnerability. The Social Programme has created 1,300 jobs and 2,250 volunteers participate in it.

Fundación Iberdrola España also focuses its activities on its scholarship programme in the fields of energy, biodiversity and the environment and research, as well as on culture, focusing on restoring and maintaining the wealth of cultural and artistic heritage in the Iberian Peninsula.