Iberdrola is championing solar self-consumption to achieve savings and accelerate energy transition

•    The company estimates that a household with a self-consumption solar installation can save up to 70% on its annual electricity bill.

•    It promotes the supply of this clean energy through intelligent and tailor-made solutions for all types of publics: in the countryside, industry, urban solar communities, neighbourhood communities and in homes, where the energy company already manages 40% of the installations in Spain.

Iberdrola once again plays a leading role in the development of new generation and consumption models that facilitate savings in energy bills and reduce emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere.  The company now accounts for 40% of the nearly 80,000 solar self-consumption installations in homes in Spain and leads the marketing of this type of solution, 'Smart Solar', which combines photovoltaic energy generation with all the advantages of digitalisation.

More and more people, neighbourhood communities and industries are installing solar panels to achieve savings, helped by a technological evolution that has significantly reduced the costs of their installation. The new regulation (RD 244/2019) on this matter also simplifies the process of solar self-consumption installations, accelerating the energy transformation.

According to Iberdrola's calculations, a household with a self-consumption solar installation can save up to 70% on its annual bill. This saving is also produced in three ways: the energy produced by the installation that the user does not have to buy, compensation for surplus energy not consumed, which is fed into the grid, and savings due to lower taxes.

The company has already developed projects in all types of homes, both single-family homes and in buildings, neighbourhood communities and shared self-consumption communities, an option that allows installation for those who do not have their own roof and find a shared solar community within 500 metres of their home, with zero investment and 100% green electricity.

The competitiveness of self-consumption makes this option one of the options chosen by different publics, also in the countryside and in industry. Iberdrola has already installed solar panels in large retail outlets such as Makro, Juver, Abadía Retuerta and the Lactalis group, among other examples.

Like other smart solutions from the company, Smart Solar allows users to monitor the savings generated through the Iberdrola app, as well as the operation of their installation in real time, the energy produced and the percentage for self-consumption and that which is fed into the grid. 
Iberdrola has integrated the conservation of the biological diversity of ecosystems into its strategy, demonstrating that it is possible to effectively combine the supply of competitive, clean and sustainable energy with the balance of biodiversity and the environment. Video