Iberdrola commissions Ibermática to provide technical support for its information technology infrastructure

  • The Basque company is expanding the range of activities it offers and will provide services to the energy company relating to architectural environments, infrastructure and application technologies in Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom

Iberdrola continues to focus on local suppliers and, this week, has awarded Ibermática a new contract for IT infrastructure technical support services.

The Basque company will provide these services on architectural environments, infrastructure and application technologies, related to managing the active directory, the administration and management of servers and the mainframe, the management and optimisation of storage and databases, etc.

This new contract, valued at over 12 million euros, adds to the one already held by Iberdrola with the company, which is now expanding its operations since, in addition to incorporating more services in Spain and the United States, it is expanding its geographical scope to a new market, the United Kingdom. The services will be extended until December 2021 and the total amount of the contracts, following this new award, amounts to 60.5 million euros.

Iberdrola is retaining Ibermática as its main supplier in other contracts for Big Data development services and digital development with Agile methodologies for projects related to customers and distribution networks.

Digital transformation to respond to a new energy model

Iberdrola is working to respond to the transformation process in the energy sector, based on the electrification of the economy; technological advances and digitalisation and greater consumer connectivity.

By digitising its activities the company will be able to maximise the management of its renewable assets and make its operations more efficient, while increasing the deployment of smart networks and developing innovative customer-oriented solutions and customising services (smart solutions in the home, self-consumption, sustainable mobility, etc.).

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