The company continues to accelerate investments in renewables as part of its strategy to combat climate change while contributing to a green recovery


Iberdrola continues to grow in Greece with the construction of Mikronoros wind farm

  • In 2022, Iberdrola’s installed capacity in Greece will reach 435 MW

Iberdrola is accelerating investment in renewables and has started the new year by breaking ground at the Mikronos wind farm, located in the province of Rhodopes in Thrace, northern Greece.

With an installed capacity of 33.6 megawatts (MW), the facility will comprise eight V150 wind turbines with 4.2 MW unit capacity, a hub height of 105 m and a rotor diameter of 150 m.

With commissioning expected for the middle of this year, Iberdrola's installed renewable capacity in Greece and Cyprus will stand at 335 MW.

In 2022, the company expects to commission three further wind projects, which will add a combined capacity of 100.4 MW, bringing the company's operating capacity in the country to 435.4 MW.

The additional projects are Askio II (33.6 MW), Askio III (50 MW) and Rokani (16.8 MW) wind farms, awarded to Iberdrola in last year’s capacity auction.

These plans ensure that Iberdrola continues its commitment to develop renewable energy in Greece, which is essential to advance the energy transition towards a decarbonised model and to combat climate change.

The company´s outlook in Greece also reinforces the main aspects of its global strategy. Iberdrola is committed to technological innovation to develop efficient renewable energy, to reducing emissions to combat climate change, and to generating positive economic, environmental and social impacts in all the regions where it operates. 

In June 2020, Greece had 7,237 MW of installed renewable capacity, of which 3,832 MW were wind and 2,841 MW solar photovoltaic.

Green investments to promote economic recovery

Iberdrola firmly believes that the energy transition can act as a key driving force in the transformation of industry and in the green economic recovery and job creation.

To this end, the company has launched a historic €75 billion investment plan for the period 2020-2025, with the aim of doubling its renewable capacity and taking advantage of the opportunities of the energy revolution facing the world's major economies.

After twenty years promoting the energy transition, with investments of €120 billion, Iberdrola is a leader in renewable energy, with an installed capacity of more than 33 GW, making its generation fleet one of the cleanest in the energy sector.

With CO2/kWh emissions already two thirds below the European average, the investment strategy in clean energy and networks will allow Iberdrola to become a carbon neutral company in Europe by 2030.

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