Iberdrola contributes €7.836 billion in 2021 to the public coffers of the countries where it is present

•    This figure is equivalent to 42% of the group's pre-tax profit. Almost half of this contribution comes from Spain, which currently accounts for only one third of the group's Ebitda.

•    In the last five years, the Iberdrola group has paid more than €38.5 billion to public administrations globally.

The positive impact of Iberdrola's activity on society is reflected, in addition to its commitment to a sustainable model that reactivates the economy and employment, in the contribution to public coffers that its activity entails around the world.

Iberdrola's tax contribution amounted to €7.836 billion in 2021 globally - 5% more than the previous year, i.e., €361 million more. This figure is equivalent to the 42% of its profit before corporate taxes, other taxes and Social Security payable by the company. This increase was mainly due to the increase in energy taxes and other taxes collected as a result of Iberdrola's own economic activity.

Such is the commitment, that Iberdrola has contributed €21 million in taxes per day in 2021. If the last five years are analysed, the company has allocated more than €38.5 billion to tax payments.

This total tax contribution figure includes, on the one hand, the company's own taxes, which amounted to €3.215 billion euros in 2021, compared to 2.938 billion euros in 2020, and the taxes collected through its activity, which amounted to 4.711 billion euros, compared to 4.537 billion euros in 2020.

By countries, Spain is the one that receives the largest contribution, with 3.469 billion euros in 2021, more than 44% of the total, while, as a result of the company's internationalisation process, its contribution to Ebitda is 33%. 

It is followed by Brazil, where, through its subsidiary Neoenergia, the company has contributed 2.058 billion euros in 2021. In the United States, the fiscal contribution has exceeded 1 billion euros for the first time in 2021 - specifically, it has reached 1.037 billion euros. 

One of the main tax items is corporate income tax, which represents a 27% of the group's own taxes.