Join the ‘Volunteers against COVID’ program, which already involves over a thousand employees in Spain


Iberdrola delivers the first 1000 face masks made by volunteers for people with hearing impairments

  • The Hearing Impairment Association of Madrid has received the first batch, with another 4000 to be delivered to associations in Valladolid, Valencia, Seville, Madrid and A Coruña in the coming weeks, a total of 5000 masks
  • Since lockdown began in Spain, volunteers have selflessly invested their time at home to support over 30 projects backed by 19 social organisations, reaching more than 12,000 vulnerable people

Iberdrola has chosen the Hearing Impairment Association of Madrid to receive its first 1000 specially adapted face masks made by company volunteers and their relatives for people with hearing impairments.

These protective masks come with a see-through part to enable lip reading, which helps people with hearing difficulties to communicate with others. Thanks to this first batch, 600 people who belong to this Madrid-based association will be able to communicate more easily with those around them, especially since wearing individual masks is now mandatory.

Iberdrola launched this pioneering initiative in collaboration with the Foundation to Promote Development and Integration (FDI), which has received help from 200 Iberdrola volunteers so far. The project involves sending the employees the materials and instructions needed to make the face masks, then sharing out the finished product among the hearing-impaired population through various federations.

After delivering this first batch, another 4000 will be distributed in the coming weeks to other associations in Madrid, Valladolid, Valencia, Seville and A Coruña, altogether totalling 5000 face masks.

Over 1000 volunteers against COVID-19 in Spain

Since the State of Alarm was declared in Spain in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Iberdrola has managed to engage 1000 employees in volunteer work across the country. In a campaign entitled ‘Volunteers against COVID’, these kind-hearted people have taken part from their homes in over 30 projects driven by 19 social organisations, reaching more than 12,000 people in vulnerable situations.

The initiatives promoted by Iberdrola included making face masks, producing face shields with 3D printers, organising virtual correspondence between volunteers and isolated elderly citizens in nursing homes, donating electronic devices for senior citizens in isolation in hospitals and nursing homes, providing telephone support for people with disabilities or mental conditions, and telling stories to children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Global action plan against the coronavirus

The company’s volunteer work stems from the global plan launched by Iberdrola against the COVID-19 coronavirus, thanks to which it has ensured an uninterrupted and reliable power supply throughout this difficult time – especially for crucial infrastructures – and has responded to the needs of its stakeholders, prioritizing the most vulnerable. The plan involved spending millions of euros on placing health products and sanitary wear at the disposal of public bodies and organisations.

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