The Civil Guard, the field hospital at the Ifema convention center in Madrid and the Madrid Regional Ministry of Social Policies receive a total of 5,500 blankets


Iberdrola donates 8,000 blankets to field hospitals and old people's homes

  • As part of its commitment to mitigate the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis, the company has also bought 22.1 million eurosworth of medical supplies, including ventilators, scrubs and masks
  • The company has committed to donating at least 25 million eurosworth of equipment in coordination with public authorities
  • Iberdrola has taken a total of 107 measures to contain the spread of the pandemic and ensure the supply of electricity to the public

As soon as the threat of COVID-19 reared its head, Iberdrola began putting various mechanisms into place to help to mitigate the effects of this pandemic. In this regard, the company has begun to distribute more than half of the 8,000 blankets that it will deliver to field hospitals and old people's homes in the coming days.

The first 5,500 blankets are currently being delivered as follows:

  • On Friday 3rd April, Iberdrola delivered 1,000 blankets to hall 9 out of a total of 3,000 blankets to be delivered over the coming weeks to the field hospital at the IFEMA convention center in Madrid.
  • On the same day, the Civil Guard received 500 of the 1,000 blankets which will be distributed to field hospitals in Logroño and San Andrés de la Barca, near Barcelona.
  • Finally, the company delivered 4,000 blankets donated to Madrid's Regional Ministry of Social Policies, Families, Equality and Births, which will be distributed to old people's homes in the region.

This donation of blankets is part of Iberdrola's commitment to donate at least 25 million euros’ worth of medical equipment in coordination with public authorities.

On Monday, the company pledged to donated 22.1 million euros’ worth of medical supplies, which will be delivered to the Spanish authorities in mid-April and includes 450 ventilators, 4.6 million masks, 120,000 protective gowns and 20,000 pairs of goggles.

Additionally, Iberdrola has already forwarded its global COVID-19 action plan to Spain's Regional Health Ministries, which includes dedicated service for hospitals in Spain with the aim of guaranteeing quality and continuity of supply, and the deployment of new facilities to reinforce the service.

More than a hundred measures to halt the advance of the pandemic and guarantee the supply of electricity to the public

In total, the group has implemented 107 measures at global level during this health crisis, with over 90% of office staff now working remotely and the work undertaken by personnel outside power plants and on the transmission and distribution networks being reorganized.

“This comprehensive plan is allowing us to guarantee the continuity of the electricity supply to the entire population, while deploying human and technical resources to reinforce sensitive pieces of infrastructure like hospitals and healthcare facilities”, said Iberdrola chairman Ignacio Galán at the Shareholders Meeting.

To sum up, Iberdrola's response to the COVID-19 crisis is “fully consistent” with the model it has been applying for decades, aimed at creating sustainable value for shareholders, employees and society as a whole.