The group has delivered essential medical supplies, among them a total of 400 respirators, and carried out solidarity activities worth more than €40 million


Iberdrola donates 50 respirators to the army to continue to battle against COVID-19

Iberdrola has provided the Spanish army with 50 respirators to ramp up their capacity to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. This consignment of state-of-the-technology respirators - the Aeonmed VG70 (Intrusive Oxygen Ventilator) - will be used in hospitals classed as priority centres by the healthcare authorities.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Iberdrola has purchased 400 respirators, more than 4 million masks, 242,000 protective coveralls and 30,000 pairs of protective goggles.

This new consignment of medical supplies is part of a global initiative run by Iberdrola during the coronavirus health crisis, which includes procurement of essential medical equipment worth €40 million, harnessing its global access to supplies to benefit the government.

Over 150 measures to combat Covid-19

The medical supplies and preventive equipment were purchased in coordination with the authorities as part of Iberdrola’s global response to the coronavirus, an effort which has protected employees, suppliers and the most vulnerable sectors of society.

Iberdrola launched its action plan at the very start of the pandemic, implementing over 150 measures to secure suppliers in the countries where it operates and to meet the needs of the most vulnerable groups and customers.

The actions the company carried out included strengthening the energy service in 350 hospitals and medical facilities during the state of alarm. Also, coinciding with the outbreak of coronavirus and in order to contribute to the recovery of the economy and employment, it decided to place advance orders to suppliers worth 4 billion euros in the first quarter of the year and raise its investments this year to 10 billion euros.

Since the state of alarm was declared, Iberdrola has mobilised more than 2,000 volunteers in charitable initiatives in Spain. In a campaign entitled ‘Volunteers against Covid’, these kind-hearted people have taken part from their homes in 36 projects driven by 21 social organisations, that have reached over 12,000 people in vulnerable situations.

Iberdrola has become the first business group to obtain global certification for itself and all its subsidiaries from AENOR for its COVID-19 action protocol. This certificate endorses its actions to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, guaranteeing both the health and safety of people and the maintenance and quality of the energy supply.

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