Iberdrola extends its commitment to equality to more than 600,000 female athletes

•    The company has redoubled its commitment to equality in sport with the accession of 16 new National Federations, bringing the total number of National Federations to 32.

This morning, Iberdrola highlighted its commitment to women's equality through sport, which already directly benefits around 600,000 athletes. It has done so with a presentation of the 16 new National Federations that have joined the collaboration agreement that the company has been developing since 2016, reaching the number of 32. In addition, after the extension, the electricity company has more than 100 competitions with the Iberdrola naming right, including 32 leagues.

Until now, Iberdrola has promoted the National Federations of Athletics, Badminton, Handball, Boxing, Ice Sports, Fencing, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Karate, Canoeing, Rugby, Surfing, Table Tennis, Triathlon and Volleyball, to which are added Underwater Activities, Bowling, Winter Sports, Weightlifting, Judo, Olympic Wrestling, Mountaineering and Climbing, Swimming, Skating, Pelota, Rowing, Squash, Taekwondo, Tennis, Archery and Sailing.

The President of Iberdrola Spain, Armando Martínez, was in charge of unveiling the new additions at an event hosted by the sports journalist Lara Gandarillas, which was attended by a hundred female athletes representing all 32 Federations, the Councillor for Sport of the Madrid City Council, Sofía Miranda, as well as representatives of the Spanish Olympic Committee, the Spanish Paralympic Committee and the presidents of these National Federations.

During the event, Martínez stressed that Iberdrola's support "now reaches 600,000 federated women, which means that we support 2 out of every 3 federated women, although the indirect support is much greater and reaches many more women and girls who practise grassroots sport".

Since 2016, Iberdrola has been the main promoter of women's sport in Spain, which has resulted in a 42% increase in the number of women's licences in the Federations it supports. 

Reducing the gender gap in sport is a commitment to women's equality through excellence and translates into an important reference for girls, from their practice of physical activity and sport at all levels of the education system, to show them that the path to federated sport and high performance is also possible for them. 

In this regard, Martínez underlined the great responsibility that these great sportswomen have "to send the message to all young Spanish girls that they can do whatever sport they want, that no one can stop them. And, more importantly, to transmit values such as teamwork, effort, solidarity and professionalism".

Women's contribution to the field of sport is invaluable, and the number of Olympic medals59 they have won so far is testament to this. A total of 7 women won medals at the Tokyo Games.

In addition to its commitment to federated sport, Iberdrola has its own team of female ambassadors, elite sportswomen with whom it aims to empower women and raise awareness of the need for a society built on equal opportunities.
They are high-level sportswomen, including Alexia Putellas, María Vicente, Ona Carbonell, Carolina Marín, Sandra Sánchez, Paula Badosa and Queralt Castellet, who won a silver medal at the Beijing Winter Games and for whom the president had words of congratulation.