In line with its commitment to offer energy solutions that adapt to customers’ needs


Iberdrola offers customers the possibility of buying green energy packages

  • Energy Wallet is a pioneering product in Spain that can be used to buy green energy packages for six, 12 or 24 months, knowing the final price in advance 
  • Customers can also use the energy purchased for different supplies,in their main and second homes, while monitoring everything on their mobile phones in real time, for a 100% digital solution

In line with its commitment to innovate and offer energy solutions that meet each customer's needs, Iberdrola has launched a new product, Energy Wallet, that offers customers the opportunity to buy green energy packages to cover an estimated period of six months, one year or two years.

This new product will give customers advance knowledge of the total price of the energy purchased for the selected period, which they can choose to pay in fixed monthly instalments, according to the actual amount consumed, or in advance, which would also include a discount.

When purchasing packages of this type, customers can include more supplies and pay for what they consume in all their properties in one go. What’s more, the electricity sold in Energy Wallet comes with the guarantee that it is from 100% renewable origins, ensuring that the power comes from clean energy generation sources.

Energy Wallet is also a 100% digital solution customers sign up for and monitor with the Iberdrola Customer app or on the website. In the Customer Personal Area customers will find fully detailed information and can manage their package as well as , see how much power they have consumed, how long their current package will cover their needs and make real-time checks on energy used and estimated future costs.


Iberdrola, committed to customers

Iberdrola is deeply committed to customer satisfaction, which inspires it to keep innovating with products and services that meet customer needs at all times.

It also wants to keep driving structural economic change, just as it did 15 years ago with its pioneering investments in wind power, offering innovative solutions in areas like: sustainable mobility - Iberdrola Smart Mobility, self-consumption systems - Iberdrola Smart Solar-, connective devices for home automation - Iberdrola Smart Home- and, in the case of Energy Wallet, with additional products and tools for purchasing, managing and controlling electricity consumption.


About Iberdrola

Iberdrola is a global private sector company that has, since its creation over 150 years ago, worked for energy advancement, reliability, quality and innovation. Thanks to a strong growth and internationalisation process that began in 2001, the company has become a world leader in clean energy and it is now one of the world's top five electricity utilities by market capitalisation, with over 34,000 employees providing services to 100 million people.

The group recently presented its 2018-2022 forecasts, which will involve an investment of €32 billion during the period and lay the foundations for future sustainable growth. Of this amount, 50% has been allocated to networks, 37% to renewables and 4% to generation and retail.”

Iberdrola's net profit in 2017 reached €2,804 million, an increase of 3.7% over the previous period, while EBITDA reached €7,319 million.