The project required the investment of about €1.1 billion

Iberdrola commissions Teles Pires hydroelectric power plant in Brazil

  • This facility with an installed capacity of over 1,800 megawatts located in the middle of the Amazon Forest in Brazil is now fully operational and able to meet the needs of five million Brazilians
  • The company carried out over 40 social and environmental initiatives along with the project, benefiting the indigenous communities in the area in particular

Via its Neoenergia holding, IBERDROLA has just commissioned one of its most important energy generation projects to date in Brazil: the Teles Pires hydroelectric power plant located in the middle of the Amazon Forest.

The investment in this plant amounted to about €1.1 billion (€4.5 billion) and the initiative included avant-garde environmental projects: for example, an innovative system to minimise water consumption and a design that blends in completely with the Amazon jungle.

Teles Pires has an installed capacity of 1,820 megawatts (MW), enough to supply electricity to a population of five million Brazilians. It consists of five state-of-the-art turbines with a unit capacity of 364 MW each.

The plant is located on the border of the states of Pará and Mato Grosso, on the River Teles Pires, which is a tributary of the River Tapajós, close to the towns of Jacareacanga and Paranaíta. It was developed by a consortium formed by Neoenergia (50.1%), Furnas (24.5%), Eletrosul (24.5%) and Odebrecht (0.9%).

IBERDROLA completed this project in record time: 40 months. Some 6,500 (mostly local) employees worked on the project, for which a city providing all the necessary services was built. Commissioning the plant required the construction of a water-processing plant, as well as sanitation facilities and areas for public use.

The construction of this facility also had a positive impact because of the indirect jobs generated, as a further 15,000 people in the area benefited from the initiative and several local companies were involved in providing services to the project.

Another characteristic feature of the Teles Pires project was that over 40 social initiatives were set up. Most of these focused on enhancing healthcare and quality of life and the local indigenous communities were the primary beneficiaries.


Technical specifications of the Teles Pires hydroelectric power plant:
  • Installed capacity: 1,820 MW.
  • 5 vertical axis 364 MW turbines
  • Dam height: 80 metres.
  • Water surface area: 135.6 km²
  • Flooding area: 95 km²



IBERDROLA, benchmark in Brazil

IBERDROLA has been operating in Brazil since the year 1997, via its 39% stake in the Neoenergia holding, where its local partners are Banco do Brasil (12%) and Previ (49%). It closed the deal to acquire the Elektro distribution company in the first semester of 2011.

This deal made IBERDROLA the leading electricity distribution company in Brazil in terms of the number of customers, serving some 13 million users. The company distributed over 15,527 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity to its Brazilian customers in the first six months of 2016.

IBERDROLA is also an important player in the area of electricity generation in Brazil. Its capacity amounts to 1,165 MW, mostly from environmentally friendly facilities such as hydroelectric power plants and wind farms. 

In this regard, the group is building an additional 11,600 MW in various new projects: the hydroelectric power plants Baixo Iguaçu (350 MW, of which 137 MW will be attributable) and Belo Monte (11,233 MW, of which  438 MW will be attributable). The former is expected to be connected to the grid in 2018 and the latter will be commissioned on a gradual basis between 2016 and 2018.