Iberdrola's renewable energy production exceeds 55,500 GWh in the first nine months

  • The company exceeds 39,000 MW of 'green' capacity worldwide, making 80% of its installed capacity in the world emission-free

Iberdrola remains committed to renewable energies as the only way to reduce dependence on fossil fuels and promote energy self-sufficiency, which is so necessary at a critical time like the present. Renewable energy production stood at 55,503 GWh in the first nine months, thanks to new installed capacity and the positive performance of onshore wind power, which has compensated for the lack of rain in recent months. In fact, onshore wind production increased by 12% to 33,333 GWh.

Iberdrola's renewable production in the period has contributed to avoiding the consumption of some 9.6 billion cubic metres of natural gas, the amount that would have been needed to generate that electricity through this fossil energy source.

The company has increased its installed renewable capacity by almost 2,000 MW in the last twelve months, to over 39,000 MW - specifically 39,268 MW 'green' - according to data published today in the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV). With this advance, the company has almost 60,000 MW worldwide. 

The growth has been thanks to its commitment to Brazil and the United States, mainly. In Brazil, the company has installed 560 MW of 'green' capacity, as it is developing the Otis onshore wind farm complex, which will comprise 12 farms and will have a total installed capacity of 566.5 MW at the end of construction, making it the company's largest onshore wind project in Latin America and the second largest in the world. In addition, it has started commercial operation of its first solar farm complex in the country, Luzia, which has a capacity of 149 megawatts.

In the United States, the company has installed 524 MW in the last 12 months: 295 onshore wind and 229 photovoltaic. The utility has set out to lead the energy transition in the world's largest economy with an investment of close to 15 billion euros by 2025. The country already contributes a very significant part of the group's results, with 22.5% of total EBITDA in the first half of the year. By technology, onshore wind in the United States had installed around 8,100 MW at the end of September and solar, 420 MW.

In Spain, the company has continued to make progress in the decarbonisation of the Iberian Peninsula with 380 MW of new renewable capacity, mainly photovoltaic -278 MW-. The 'green' installed capacity in the country totals 19,439 MW, mainly onshore wind (6,160 MW), hydroelectric (10,700 MW) and photovoltaic (2,305 MW).

Emission reductions

In line with its commitment to a long-term environmentally and economically sustainable model, Iberdrola continues with its commitment to reduce its polluting emissions. At the end of the first nine months of 2022, 79% of production was emission-free, bringing installed emission-free capacity to 80%.