Iberdrola's reaction to the 'EU Recovery Package' presented today in the European Parliament

On the occasion of the presentation of the European Commission Economic Recovery Package to the European Parliament, the chairman of Iberdrola group, Ignacio Galán, has stated: "Iberdrola supports the strategy for a rapid and sustainable recovery based on the European Green Deal. This important green pact will deliver growth, employment and prosperity. We will see real economic benefits, and the creation of value for society as a whole. The resources, technology and knowledge to move towards a green recovery are already in place. A clear and predictable framework is key to starting quickly."

Recent times have shown us that the strategy of digitalisation and decarbonisation that were in place before the health crisis were correct, and now they are even more urgent and necessary.

For Iberdrola, having faith in the European Green Deal improves the competitiveness of countries. Placing digitisation and decarbonisation at the centre of the strategy, areas in which a technological revolution is taking place, will undoubtedly make it possible to improve the overall competitiveness of the economy and to generate lasting, quality jobs.

The future of the European economy and society will depend on how we implement this recovery. The group urges to speed up the deadlines for investment to flow as quickly as possible, adapting it to the competitive advantages of each country in order to maximise the potential of all, thus benefitting the economy and employment.

The Commission has shown its determination to allocate the available resources to forward looking sectors: more clean energy, more efficiency, more electric mobility. In short, a more electrified and digital economy, which will allow us to grow without compromising future generations. Iberdrola is prepared to participate in this process and invest in delivering the plan.