Iberdrola and union representatives agree on a back-to-work plan for employees

  • The measures will ensure worker health and safety and acknowledge the essential nature of the company’s service to society and the need to maintain the work-life balance

Iberdrola and union representatives in the company have reached a unanimous agreement regarding the Back-to-Work Plan for the company’s employees in Spain to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 during the health crisis. The measures established cover three areas: hygiene, personal protective equipment (PPE) and social distancing.

In principle, the measures in the agreement, which are in addition to the 150 steps already taken, will be implemented on 11 May* in line with the government’s calendar and government guidelines. They are designed to safeguard two essential premises for the company: occupational health and safety for its people and the essential nature of the service it provides; doing its utmost to maintain a work-life balance as far as possible. The measures, which will be tailored to the specific conditions and regulations, will be adapted as the health crisis develops.

Working from home, social distancing and protective equipment

Among the measures included in the staggered back-to-work plan are to continue rotating working from home for more than 70% of staff and ensuring a two-metre safety separation between workstations. To achieve this, the company has designed a specific layout for each workplace. It will also continue supplying masks and other PPE to employees who need them for their jobs.

The protective measures will apply to common areas, with non-essential services like canteens, cafeterias, etc., temporarily suspended. Screens will also be installed at customer service stations.

Signage and recommendations 

Posters and signs will be displayed in all workplaces with information about basic rule for protection, warning employees to practice social distancing, recommending using the stairs, information about the use of lifts and general hygiene and protective instructions.

Given the strategic, essential nature of the services that the company provides, the company will start testing staff with serological tests to check whether the virus is not present and the amount of antibodies in an initiative coordinated by Iberdrola’s Medical Service, which now has internal action protocols for dealing with COVID-19.

The company will maintain and, if necessary, strengthen cleaning and disinfection measures that it implemented in its workplaces in early March, as well as restrictions on in-person meetings, visits from outsiders and travel.

Before they return to work, Iberdrola will provide employees with a document containing self-protective measures they should take between leaving home and reaching the workstation and vice-versa, to minimise the risk of exposure to the virus.




*The current date established for the end of the State of Alarm

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