Iberdrola will supply clean energy to the Italian Tosano supermarkets

Iberdrola continues its commitment to the decarbonisation of the planet. The company will supply clean energy on a long-term basis through a PPA (long-term renewable energy contract) to Tosano supermarkets, which currently has over 19 hypermarkets and nearly 4,000 employees.

The PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) provides for the supply of energy for 10 years through Iberdrola's photovoltaic plants.

The agreement will allow Iberdrola to supply Tosano with part of the production of its own photovoltaic system for an estimated annual consumption of 20 GWh. This will contribute to increase the company's energy security, energy independence and accelerate its path towards decarbonisation. 

A clear choice that projects Tosano into the future, promoting decarbonisation and sustainability goals throughout the Northeast – areas in which it is present with its shops – thanks to a reduction of CO2 emissions of about 6,000 tonnes per year.  Thanks to the agreement signed, Tosano supermarkets will be powered by green energy from Verona to Vicenza, from Brescia to Venice and from Udine to Ferrara.

With the inauguration of its second operational plant and the completion of 4 plants already authorised and under construction, Iberdrola will have an operational capacity of 400 MW in Italy by 2025. 

An agreement based on common values and objectives

Andrea Tosano, President of Supermercati Tosano, said: "Supermercati Tosano's medium-term Energy Plan foresees to continue with conviction on the path of energy production from renewable sources, increasing the installed capacity, in order to constantly increase the share of self-production in the total consumption of clean energy".

"We are pleased to see that companies are starting to understand the importance of sourcing from renewable sources. An important choice not only for environmental sustainability, but also for the company itself," commented Lorenzo Costantini, Country Manager of Iberdrola Clienti Italia. "Off-site PPA agreements, such as the one recently signed with Tosano, allow us to stabilise the price of energy in the long term and from renewable sources, eliminating the volatility inherent in the use of fossil fuels linked to energy supply". 

Leading the PPP market

Iberdrola has a wealth of experience in the field of PPAs, and manages long-term power purchase agreements in markets, from onshore wind and photovoltaic projects, such as Spain, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico and Australia.

Over a decade ago, the group began to develop this type of agreement and today Iberdrola is the leader in the PPA ranking in Europe, according to the consultancy firm Pexapark. 

Iberdrola has 90% of its energy sold and plans to generate it between 2023 and 2025, mainly through PPAs; which provides the company with visibility and sustainable energy in the long term.