The Spanish Association for Quality (AEC) grants him the award in recognition of his commitment to quality and excellence in management


Ignacio Galán, Management Leadership Award by the AEC: “Today, quality is sustainable development”

  • During the award ceremony, the chairman of Iberdrola shared the building blocks that have paved the way, explaining that the key lies in, “sound values, an innovative outlook to anticipate long-term challenges, dynamic management to embrace change and an execution that favours growth, sustainable development and value for employees, shareholders and society at large.”

The Spanish Association for Quality (AEC) has given the Management Leadership Award to Ignacio Galán, the chairman of Iberdrola, to acknowledge his personal and professional commitment towards management excellence and a career that should inspire new generations and portray Spain as a benchmark for quality and excellence. The award was made this morning during a ceremony organised by the Association to celebrate World Quality Day. The main topic of the event was the potential for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to boost and bring about new business opportunities, enhance brand value and retain talent.

In his speech, the chairman of Iberdrola pointed out the key elements that have brought the company to where it is today, based on “solid values such as effort, loyalty, honesty and teamwork; an innovative vision to anticipate long-term challenges; dynamic management to adapt to change and an execution that favours growth, sustainable development and the creation of value for employees, shareholders and society”.

Mr Galán recalled that, “in 2001, it became clear to us that the battle against climate change was one of the major challenges humanity would have to face. We realised that shifting towards a decarbonised economy was the only way forward and that the electricity sector could provide efficient solutions.” “We got a step ahead of everyone else,” said Mr Galán, “by making a pioneering commitment to renewables and proving that they are a feasible and efficient alternative in producing energy.”

Iberdrola’s journey has placed it in a globally-leading position that “has always been guided by a business model that works to create sustainable value for shareholders, employees and society. “All these actions,” he explained, “are in line with the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations, which we have built into our strategy.”

Making decisions, daring and taking risks

“The role played by those wishing to change things means making decisions –not always easy ones–, being daring and taking risks,” states the chairman of Iberdrola, who explains that at times like these, the best way to drive economic recovery is to make progress in the transition towards a sustainable energy model, because of the major investments it requires and the driving force it represents.

“Because, just like the slogan of this conference, we also consider that sustainability is quality and in our process of continuous improvement we fly the flag of sustainable development. This is a responsibility which we embrace now more than ever because the business model we have been developing for over 20 years has made us a key driving force in the transformation of the industrial fabric,” states Mr Galán.

Ready to promote a sustainable growth model to take on the challenges of society

In the words of Ignacio Galán, the company is “ready to leverage our experience, social engagement and financial power to promote a long-term sustainable growth model with which to take on the challenges of today’s society.”

Last week, Iberdrola presented the most ambitious investment plan in its hundred-year history – the largest ever to be undertaken by a Spanish company. With initiatives that involve €75 billions of investment by 2025, the company is set to double its renewable capacity to reach 60,000 MW. The plan will increase the company’s electricity grid assets by 50% over the next five years up to €47 billion, which should double by 2030. 

“Because the only way out of a crisis is to work harder and to invest more and better,” asserted Mr Galán. The company believes that its activities, purchases and investments can help to boost the business of its 22,000 suppliers (which support 500,000 jobs around the world), as well as enabling the Group to make new hires, potentially adding 20,000 more jobs by 2025.

Quality at Iberdrola - a powerful lever to create added value

For Iberdrola, quality means excellence in managing all processes and resources and is a fundamental lever in creating value for shareholders, employees and society as a whole.

Quality guidelines are strategic, documented plans in keeping with the company’s Policy and Strategic Plan, which includes a pledge to strive for ongoing improvement and is reflected in every goal and every action planned by the Iberdrola organisations.

The company has achieved quality certifications for its processes, products and services in all of its key areas, both nationally and internationally, including environmental management and occupational risk prevention.

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