This week, disposable coveralls have started reaching the Ministry of the Interior and Health


A military aircraft has landed at Madrid-Torrejón with some of the 4.6 million masks donated by Iberdrola

  • Ever since becoming aware of the coronavirus pandemic, Iberdrola has launched more than 50 measures to contain its spread, and has transformed its training centre in Madrid into a large temporary warehouse to stockpile the health protection equipment donated
  • Iberdrola has acquired these essential materials in coordination with the authorities and has pledged to donate at least €25 million euros of healthcare equipment

Iberdrola is making its capacity to access global suppliers available to the Government to acquire essential medical equipment. This Saturday, a military aircraft landed at Madrid-Torrejón with some of the 4.6 million masks donated by the company. The army is in Shanghai to collect the equipment acquired from the supplier Wottoline for subsequent distribution through its nationwide network of logistics centres.

This week, a batch of disposable protective coveralls certified according to Directive 89/686/ECC – managed by Iturri for the Ministry of the Interior and Health – are arriving on commercial aircraft along with other material for government use and are being stored for distribution on the company's campus, a training centre temporarily transformed into a large storage facility.

A total of 438 ventilators are expected to arrive within the next few days, 400 of them managed through the supplier Amara, and another 38 with Viral Health, along with a large consignment of protective goggles and more masks and coveralls acquired from the same supplier.

In total, and in addition to the 4.6 million masks and 438 ventilators, in an initial purchase worth more than 22 million euros, Iberdrola has acquired 120,000 coveralls and 20,000 protective goggles, all from suppliers Iturri, Wottoline, Amara and Viral Health.

The company has also distributed a small batch of material worth 100,000 euros consisting of nitrile rubber gloves, disposable coveralls, FFP2/KN95 masks, goggles, half-masks, hand sanitiser, gowns and sleeves to the Basque Country, managed with the support of Iturri, El Corte Inglés, Guerín-Sonepar, Centralcom, Central del Regalo and Ceminorte.

Comprehensive plan in response to the COVID-19 virus

A total of 107 measures have been implemented by the group worldwide during the pandemic, during which more than 90% of office staff are working from home and the work of outside personnel at power stations and transmission and distribution networks has been reorganised.

At the beginning of this health crisis, Iberdrola also notified health departments in autonomous communities of its global action programme in response to the COVID-19 coronavirus, which included a plan for hospital services in Spain to ensure flows of supplies and supply quality, as well as the deployment of new facilities to reinforce the service. The company has also donated 8,000 blankets to field hospitals and nursing homes.

"This comprehensive plan is enabling us to guarantee the continuity of the electricity supply to the population as a whole, while reinforcing crucial infrastructures such as hospitals and health centres with human and technical resources," said Iberdrola chairman Ignacio Galán during last week's Shareholders General Meeting, held fully online.

In short, Iberdrola’s response to the COVID-19 crisis is “entirely consistent” with the model that it has been applying for decades, geared to sustainable value creation for shareholders, employees and society in general.