We install first offshore wind turbine at Saint-Brieuc project

  • Today, Iberdrola announced the installation of the first wind turbine at the offshore farm located on the bay of Saint-Brieuc. It becomes the first offshore wind turbine in the sea of Brittany.
  • This kicks-off the installation phase of the 62 wind turbines which will be assembled line by line, followed by gradual commissioning.  
  • About 900 jobs are mobilized for the construction and assembly of wind turbines at the port of Le Havre and about forty jobs for the electrical equipment of towers on the Brest polder.
The first wind turbine in the sea of Brittany

The installation of the first of 62 wind turbines equipping the Saint-Brieuc wind farm was carried out on May 12 by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, contractor of Iberdrola. This operation was carried out from the jack-up vessel Brave Tern of the Norwegian company Fred Olsen windcarrier. 

The first wind turbine of the Saint-Brieuc wind farm was installed on position number SB44, located on the northern part of the site. Thanks to this, Brittany acquires its first offshore wind turbine.

"The successful installation of the first offshore wind turbine at the Saint-Brieuc wind farm represents a great milestone for Brittany and for the project. It means that we are entering the final stretch of the project, which will lead to the massive production of renewable and carbon-free energy for Bretons. After more than a decade of efforts and commitment from the Brittany region, local stakeholders and Iberdrola teams, this first wind turbine manufactured in Le Havre and equipped in Brest is also the culmination of a great industrial adventure, of which we can all be very proud." says Emmanuel Rollin, Managing Director of Iberdrola France.

Starting point for the installation phase of 62 wind turbines 

The installation phase of 62 wind turbines has now begun. This starting point is decisive as it is emblematic of the last phase of the farm’s construction. 

The installation vessel Brave Tern will carry out several iterations in the coming months from Le Havre, each time with the constituent elements of 4 wind turbines on board.

The wind turbines of the Saint-Brieuc wind farm are being manufactured in France, on the industrial site of Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, located on the port of Le Havre. On this dedicated site, about 900 jobs have been mobilized for their fabrication and assembly. 

The towers of the 62 wind turbines were previously equipped by the company Haizea Wind on the Brest polder. This new industrial activity continues to mobilize about forty on-site jobs for the mechanical and electrical assembly of all the internal elements.

A multi-stage installation 

At sea, the 90-meter-high tower of the wind turbine is first raised from the barge and then lowered by crane onto the transition piece of the jacket foundation, before being fixed. In a second step, the nacelle is lifted and installed on the tower. Finally, the 3 blades are fixed to the rotor. 

The structure installed at sea has 209 meters at the tip of the blade and the rotor is 167 meters in diameter. It is designed to best respond to the wind regime that characterizes the bay of Saint-Brieuc. 

For the first wind turbine, these operations were successfully carried out by the Brave Tern, a vessel specializing in the installation of offshore wind turbines. For each iteration from Le Havre to the site of the Saint-Brieuc wind farm, the Brave Tern embarks 4 towers, 4 nacelles and 12 blades. 

Key figures for the Baie de Saint-Brieuc offshore wind project:
- 75 km² area
- 62 Siemens Gamesa SG 8.0-167 DD wind turbines of 8 MW unit capacity
- 496 MW of installed capacity
- 1,820 GWh/year of production, amounting to the annual electricity consumption of 835,000 inhabitants (including heating)