The Women’s Universe Tour launches its digital version

  • It will be held on the weekends of 20 and 27 June and 4 July, via Teledeporte and the digital channels, with the participation of elite athletes who will lead training sessions, address challenges and participate in forums on different female disciplines and competitions
  • The Higher Sports Council, the Youth Sports Foundation and Iberdrola maintain their commitment to promoting sport and recognising sportspeople

The eighteenth stop on the Women’s Universe Tour will not land, as it has before, in a city due to the population’s new post-Covid-19 social and sports habits. In this new scenario, the programme that is part of the "Women’s Universe” from the Higher Sports Council, the Youth Sports Foundation and which is promoted by Iberdrola, has adapted its project to a new audiovisual and digital format.

The aim of the Women’s Universe Tour remains the same, which is to promote women's presence in the sports world and recognise their efforts and successes, but its format is adapted to digital media. This new on-line event aims to further project the image that women have as an active and fundamental part of sport in Spain.

For three consecutive weekends, 20 and 27 June and 4 July, big names in women's sports such as Carolina Marín (badminton), Sandra Sánchez (karate), Amanda Sampedro (football), Eva Moral (triathlon), Teresa Díaz (fencing), Desiré Vila (athletics) and Silvia Arderius (handball), among others, will lead training sessions, address challenges, participate in forums and share experiences in the world of fitness or lifestyle together with leading figures in these disciplines.

The Women’s Universe Tour will be broadcast through its usual digital channels and through RTVE's sports-themed channel, Teledeporte, in three programmes dealing with the different women's competitions in the 16 federations promoted by Iberdrola: football, badminton, handball, volleyball, rugby, triathlon, canoeing, gymnastics, athletics, hockey, karate, surfing, table tennis, track and field, boxing and ice sports. The first episode will be this Saturday from 18:15.

Iberdrola, main promoter of the ‘Women’s Universe’ programme

The ‘Women’s Universe Tour” is part of the Women’s Universe programme from the Higher Sports Council (CSD), behind which Iberdrola has been the main driving force since July 2016. In this agreement, the company supports 16 sports federations chosen for their extraordinary records, their level of participation, the existence of base sports promotion programmes and other social projects.

Iberdrola is the first company to make a global commitment to promoting women's participation in the sports field as a way to promote equal opportunities, a commitment that is part of the company's essential values. By promoting women’s sport, Iberdrola contributes to creating new references in society and promoting healthy habits from an early age.