Iberdrola, at the forefront of best international practices

Iberdrola's Governance and Sustainability System is inspired by and based upon a commitment to ethical principles, transparency and leadership in the application of the best international practices in good governance expressed around the defense of the corporate interest and the creation of sustainable value for the society, the citizens, our customers, our workers, our shareholders and for the communities in which it does business. Undergoing a constant process of review and improvement, it incorporates the principal recommendations of the international markets and the most advanced trends in this area. It is one of the hallmarks of its identity, making Iberdrola an international leader in good practices.


The board of directors focuses its activity on supervising the group's general guidelines and strategy, as well as the establishment of its corporate policies, some of which are pioneering, such as the Shareholder Engagement Policy.

The following points define the company's future vision, its multinational scope and the implementation of channels for the participation and engagement of the shareholders:

Pioneering and Sustainability System. Foresight, Multinational coverage and Independent and plural board of directors.

  • Board of Directors under continuous renewal, adapted to the needs raised by the businesses and markets in which the Group does business.
  • There are 13 directors of various nationalities and professional profiles, selected based on a broad set of criteria.
  • 70 % of the directors are independent.
  • Benchmark company in the Ibex 35 in women presence on the Board of Directors.

corporate governance: shareholder engagement: pioneering policy, strategic pillar for dialog and transparency, participation and belonging

  • The first Spanish company and one of the pioneers at the worldwide level in formalising a Shareholder Engagement Policy, which is one of the fundamental pillars of the corporate governance strategy.
  • Constructive, ongoing, efficient, and transparent dialog with the shareholders, fostering their engagement and promoting their active participation through various channels, such as the interactive On Line Shareholders (OLS) system and the Shareholders' Club,among others.
  • The General Shareholders' Meeting, a principal milestone for participation, is framed within the "Shareholder's Day", during which there are various presentations and activities to bring the shareholders closer to the business, corporate, and institutional reality of Iberdrola. In April 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain, Iberdrola decided to maintain the date of the General Shareholders' Meeting by transforming this event to digital, in order to continue to meet the group's operational and financial calendar.


Iberdrola's commitment to the best practices of corporate governance and its dedication to the areas of sustainability, ethics and fiscal transparency, and its close relationship with its shareholders have been widely recognized worldwide.

corporate governance: a recognised effor: sustainability and ethics, outreach to shareholders, fiscal transparency

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