Iberdrola to support refugees from Ukraine invasion with 8,000 volunteers

•    Since 2015, the electricity company has assisted more than a thousand refugees from other conflicts such as Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Mali and Venezuela

•    The company's campus in San Agustín del Guadalix has been illuminated since last night in the colours of the Ukrainian flag

Iberdrola is on the side of the victims, of the Ukrainian citizens who have been victims of the invasion of their country for some weeks now. Spain's leading electricity company has placed itself at the disposal of the central government to collaborate in various initiatives. In particular, Iberdrola has informed the government that it could send electricity generators for use in possible camps. 

The company has also offered a network of accommodation and residences in Spain so that, managed by the authorities, they can be used by refugees who have arrived in our country.

Since last Tuesday, Iberdrola has set up a working group to evaluate possible humanitarian actions to assist Ukrainian women and children, especially those who can be accommodated in Spain. 

The company has activated its 12,000 volunteers, 8,000 in Spain, so that they can collaborate in different lines of action related to Ukraine. The company has joined the work of UNHCR and is raising money among its employees with a crowdfunding campaign in favour of the NGO. The aim is to provide shelter, warm clothes, mattresses, blankets, water and immediate food for the people who are leaving Ukraine and arriving at the borders. In addition, it will provide basic necessities for the special convoys that will leave Spain for Ukraine and the borders in the coming days in collaboration with various organisations (Fundación ONCE, Generalitat Valenciana).


The company will also organise collection points in some of its offices by asking employees to bring a note with drawings, photos and phrases of love and encouragement in Ukrainian.

In addition, Iberdrola has already initiated contacts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to gain first-hand knowledge of the most pressing humanitarian material needs of the Ukrainian population. 

With regard to the shipment of health products, the company intends to collaborate with the Official Associations of Pharmacists for their purchase and transport. The electricity company has a powerful logistical transport infrastructure that can be used to transport donations of medical supplies, food, clothing and other provisions. 

Iberdrola will make its Innovation and Training Campus in San Agustín del Guadalix available to the central government to teach Spanish to refugees, as well as skills to facilitate their adaptation and integration into the labour market, paying special attention to women and minors.

Similarly, Iberdrola has a network of facilities (rural villages used by employees, residences close to generation plants) that it makes available to the authorities for them to manage in order to help the refugees.

The colours of the Ukrainian flag have been flying since last night at the Iberdrola Campus in the Madrid town of San Agustín del Guadalix in solidarity with the Ukrainian citizens.