Iberdrola and Red Cross unite against the suspension of electricity and gas supply to the vulnerable


  • The electricity company will guarantee supply for five months from the date of the positive assessment of the non-profit organisation.
  • The company undertakes to advise beneficiaries on the different possibilities for optimising their contracts.

Iberdrola and the Red Cross have expressed their commitment to the most vulnerable people in the first agreement they have signed at national level. The aim is to establish coordination mechanisms to prevent the suspension of electricity or gas supply to applicants for reasons of non-payment or, in the event of suspension, to ensure its immediate restoration.

All those individuals who have contracted the electricity or gas supply of their usual home with Iberdrola and who, after an assessment by the Red Cross of their financial vulnerability, are granted aid for the payment of their energy bills, can benefit from the agreed measures.

The company undertakes to maintain the supply for five months from confirmation of the granting of the aid. If payment of the full amount of the invoices has not been made by the end of this period, the suspension of supply will be reactivated.

Iberdrola also undertakes to advise beneficiaries on the different possibilities for optimising their electricity and gas contracts. For example, such as adapting the contracted power to the actual use of the same, with proposals for actions that promote energy efficiency and with information on the social bonus and, where appropriate, advice on how to process the corresponding application.

The Basque electricity company has also offered to provide the Red Cross with advice, information and training on different aspects related to saving electricity and gas consumption.
In the event that a supply that has been granted aid is going to be required for non-payment of other different bills, Iberdrola must inform the Red Cross so that it can carry out a new assessment. Basically, it is a matter of re-analysing the user's situation and determining whether he or she is eligible for a new subsidy. 

In cases where the aid is refused, Iberdrola undertakes to provide the supply holder with tailor-made payment plans that will allow payment in instalments of up to a total of 12 monthly instalments at no financial cost.

The Red Cross will inform the applicant about the processing of his/her personal data and the content of the agreement. In addition, it will seek their consent to communicate their personal data to Iberdrola for the sole purpose of enabling them to be beneficiaries of this agreement and to allow its execution.

The agreement shall be valid for one year and shall be tacitly extended for annual periods if neither of the parties denounces it in writing.