Its Public Charging App identifies over 3,600 company and other operator charging points at 1,200 locations and it will be constantly updated


Iberdrola completes the only map that shows the operational public electric charging infrastructure in Spain

  • A team of 20 people has, for the first time, checked in situ the existence and functioning of charging stations, as well as their technical specifications
  • The App also allows users to report new charging points which, after confirmation by Iberdrola, will be updated on the App.
  • Iberdrola has accelerated its charging infrastructure plan with more investment and a commitment to more rapid charging: 150,000 charge points will be installed in homes, at company premises and on public highways (urban and interurban) over 5 years.

Iberdrola has completed the only mapping to check the operational public electric charging infrastructure in Spain. The information can be found on its Public Charging App and includes, so far, over 3,600 electric vehicle charging points on the public highway at 1,200 locations throughout the country.

Over a period of 7 months, a team of 20 people from Iberdrola's Smart Mobility team has been collecting data from the field for subsequent analysis and filtering to assess their validity for publication on the App. The existence and functioning of the charging points and their technical specifications have been verified for the first time.

This process has meant the exclusion, for example, of charging points in private use, those where there was just a socket rather than an actual charging point, as well as those that were switched off or out of order. In addition, information has been gathered about other types that could be incorporated in subsequent App updates, such as electric motorbike and cycle chargers.

The public charging network is constantly expanding, so the work continues to grow with a regular review programme to check that the information published on the App is still valid, and new charging points are identified.

Through Iberdrola's Public Charging App users can geo-locate, book and pay for charging at Iberdrola-managed points using a mobile phone whether they are Iberdrola customers or not. Plus, it now includes verified and updated information for the remaining charging points operated by other companies in Spain. The App, available from Google Play and the App Store, is already being used by almost 40,000 individual users.


Two new features for electric vehicle users

The initiative has included the addition of two new features to the Iberdrola Public Charging App so that users can share information with the electric vehicle users community. One of them allows the existence of a charging point that is not included in the App to be reported. In this case, the Iberdrola team will visit the site, gather information and check the data before uploading it onto the App. The system likewise allows the reporting of charging point information errors, which will also be checked before updating.


Full speed ahead with the sustainable mobility plan

In March Iberdrola took the decision to "step on the accelerator" and give its sustainable mobility plan a boost, by ear-marking extra investment - a total of €150m - to speed up the roll out of electric vehicle charging points over the next 5 years.

The ambition of the project remains intact despite the coronavirus and the company is confident that electrification, and electric mobility in particular, will become the lever to economic revitalisation post-COVID.

Iberdrola's new mobility plan predicts the roll out of 150,000 charging points for electric vehicles — at homes, business premises, and on the public highway — in cities and on the main thoroughfares and motorways over the coming 5 years.

On the highway, the company is opting for the deployment of rapid chargers and will provide ultra-rapid (350 kW) charging stations every 200 kilometres, super-rapid (150 kW) every 100 kilometres and rapid (50 kW), every 50 kilometres.

Electric car users who use Iberdrola's sustainable mobility infrastructure charge their vehicles with 100 % green energy from clean generation sources with Guarantee of Origin (GoO) certificates.

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