"For Iberdrola, the energy transition started 20 years ago"

Ignacio Galán, chairman of Iberdrola group, has taken part in the Latin America, United States and Spain in the Global Economy forum, organised by El País newspaper and the Spain-USA Chamber of Commerce within the framework of the New York Climate Week. During his speech, Galán emphasised the following ideas:

  • The Iberdrola chairman assured as that “the transition towards the green economy is a great opportunity” and advocated that Europe must not let it pass by and must lead this process. In his opinion, the European Commission is going in the right direction by setting digitalization and the green deal as great objectives.
  • “Time is running out”, Galán reiterated, insisting that now is the time to stop focusing on targets and start talking about real and measurable facts. “It's not just about being good in 2050, we need to be good in 2019 too,” he added.
  • Galán pointed out that at Iberdrola the “energy transition started 20 years ago”, when the company was a pioneer in the renewable energies sector in Spain. “Iberdrola has demonstrated that doing things in a way that respects the environment does not go against the interests of shareholders or employees; it actually benefits society”, the company's chairman said.