Clean energy investment boosts renewable energy production by 10.4% to 55,139 GWh


Iberdrola increases its 'green' capacity by 10% to 37,300 MW in the first nine months

  • Half are located in international markets and are growing in all areas where it is has a presence: Brazil (+8.6%), the UK (+6.6%), the rest of the countries of the world (+19.4%), the USA (+4%). Spain reaches 19,000 MW installed (+16%)
  • Installed onshore wind power exceeds 19,000 MW (+5.6%), the Tâmega project (Portugal) boosts hydropower to 13,600 MW, and solar power doubles to more than 2,800 MW
  • Eighty per cent of the company's worldwide installed capacity and 76% of global production is emission-free; with percentages rising to 79% and 87%, respectively in Spain


Iberdrola is making progress with its renewable strategy as the basis for the development of a decarbonised and competitive economy. The company increased its 'green' installed capacity by 10.4% to 37,378 MW in the first nine months of the year compared to the same period last year. Investments in clean energy also boosted the company's renewable production, which grew by 10.4% to 55,139 GWh.

By region, half of Iberdrola's installed capacity is in international markets and is growing in all the areas where the company is present: Brazil (+8.6%), with more than 3,850 MW; the UK (+6.6%), the rest of the countries of the world (+19.4%) and the US (+4%), which exceeds 8,000 MW. Spain reached an installed capacity of 19,000 MW (+16%), after having commissioned nearly 2,400 MW in the last year.

The company adds to its global wind leadership, with a 5.6% increase in onshore wind capacity to over 19,000 MW. Its offshore wind capacity totals 1,258 MW installed. During the period, Iberdrola's photovoltaic capacity doubled (+210%), exceeding 2,800 MW at the end of September. Driven by the Tâmega complex project, hydroelectric generation increased to 13,744 MW in the period. Its battery storage systems have an installed capacity of 137 MW.

In line with the greater renewable contribution, 80% of Iberdrola's installed capacity worldwide and 76% of global production is already emission-free; percentages of 79% and 87% in Spain, respectively.

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