Iberdrola launches its new website reinforcing its global leadership in the energy transition

  • The digital channels are adapted to the international reality of the group and its commitment to renewable energies and innovation.
  • With the redesign of its corporate website, the company puts the user at the centre and facilitates navigation and access to the most relevant information.

Iberdrola renews its corporate website and takes another step forward in its global digital transformation model to adapt this communication channel to the interests of its hundreds of thousands of international visitors, which is why the website modulates the contents and messages in the three languages, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

With the aim of improving and evolving its online presence, the new design is a real step forward in terms of user experience, as it is a more accessible, user-friendly and useful space. 

A new clear and innovative narrative structure has been defined, prioritising ESG criteria - environmental, social and governance - and facilitating access to the most relevant information. Navigation is more intuitive and able to adapt to any device, thus optimising the user experience, both nationally and internationally.

The new corporate website prioritises graphic material to transmit information in a direct and attractive manner. The inclusion of new animated infographics opens the door to a more interactive space where the user is just a few clicks away from learning more about clean energy, as well as the activity of Iberdrola, an international benchmark in the energy sector.

Facilitating access to information for the different stakeholders has been one of the priorities of the project. For this reason, the redesign also contemplates a distribution of content, starting from the home page, which helps users to access Iberdrola's news and its role as a world leader in innovation and renewable energies more quickly. 

Iberdrola's role as a benchmark in renewable energies

The website highlights Iberdrola's role as a key player in the world's main markets and as a benchmark in offshore and onshore wind, green hydrogen, photovoltaic energy, self-consumption, electric mobility and smart grids, among others. All of this with a content production strategy aligned with ESG criteria, a cornerstone of Iberdrola's values. 

The website will incorporate new functionalities, such as a preferential space for the company's corporate events agenda, which will include the milestones in which Iberdrola plays a key role, the company's main facilities and projects as a reflection of its innovation, its purpose and its social contribution, and the essential role of employees and stakeholders.

New CMS and SEO reinforcement is the first corporate website of the energy group to use Liferay, a content management system (CMS) that optimises publications, ensuring the quality and updating of content and improving publication times. Its flexibility allows the website to adapt to a constantly changing and innovative digital environment and to meet information and multimedia needs. The platform also has advanced security measures to ensure the stability of the service and personalise the digital experiences of a global audience.

Throughout the process of implementing Liferay and in the redesign, the analysis and application of SEO (search engine optimisation) best practices was also key to achieving greater visibility on Google for Iberdrola's main pillars of communication, taking into account the interests of the audience and also starting a process of adapting content by region. 

Furthermore, the development of the website has been based on compliance with the Web 2.1 Content Accessibility Guidelines established by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Iberdrola thus reaffirms its commitment to promote accessibility on its corporate website so that everyone can access it, and has recently obtained the Double A certificate of Accessibility of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium for the content relating to the General Shareholders' Meeting.

The project was carried out in collaboration with the digital transformation and communication company Prodigioso Volcán, which conceptualised and collaborated directly in the execution of the new design. With profound changes, both in terms of design and in the more technical and functional sphere, Iberdrola is refreshing its visual identity and its presence in the digital environment.